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Police Men (And Women) Behaving Badly

Very few people are shot or otherwise killed by the British police, including a young lady who was asked by a police constable if he could shoot her. With his camera! In October 2018, PC Kevin Mohess and another officer attended the home of an unidentified woman who complained nude intimate photographs of her had been circulated on Instagram without her permission. Instead of asking her why she had posed nude, PC Mohess told her he was an amateur photographer and asked if she would pose for him!

Last month, he appeared before a Metropolitan Police disciplinary tribunal, and was sacked without notice. He wasn’t the only one. In September 2017, PC Philip Hunter met a vulnerable female at her home address. The two embarked on a sexual relationship, something which did not come to light for two months. Strange, is it not that so many ‘vulnerable’ women fall into the clutches of predatory police officers? Or could it be that many women of a certain type are attracted to men in uniform and offer it up on a plate? At any rate, once a police officer has committed to such a relationship, he is the vulnerable one because he is on a hiding-to-nothing.

Philip Hunter had already resigned from the Metropolitan Police, but his disciplinary hearing went ahead last month anyway, and he was found guilty of gross misconduct that would have resulted in him being sacked if he hadn’t. Sadly, they never learn.

Less deserving of sympathy than Philip Hunter was Kate Blackett, who also resigned before her disciplinary hearing. Her crime was to embark on a relationship with a man who appears to have been a small time drug dealer as well as a user. The proverbial hit the fan only after he took her car, apparently without her permission. This sort of behaviour isn’t entirely unknown for women police officers either. Seven years ago Kayley Newman narrowly escaped prison when she appeared in the dock for sending text messages to her lover while he was himself behind bars.

Finally, a man who perhaps deserves a little sympathy. Kevin Downard was a detective inspector. In December last year he was convicted of drunken driving. As a result of that, on June 25, he was dismissed without notice.  This seems doubly unfair, because the same day a humble police constable was given a final written warning after he screened positive for cocaine. Surely DI Downard could have simply been demoted, but hey, who said life was fair, even for the police?

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March 12, 2021

The vulnerable female in Phil Hunters case refused to make a statement which would’ve landed him in jail for a very long time. Just so you know.

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