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Poland knows something many Americans do not: Trump is not a Russian puppet

If somebody was a Russian puppet or Russian agent and took power in a foreign country because of Russian meddling in that country’s political systems, he would probably not have thousands of Poles shouting his name while many waved the flag of his country. But this is what happened to Donald Trump moments ago as he addressed a crowd of politicians and civilians in central Warsaw.

The confrontational history between Russia and Poland is widely known, although it is often distorted. The fact however remains that Poland is the most anti-Russian country in Europe and likely will be for the foreseeable future.

Yet the Polish political establishment who are anti-Russia, the Polish political opposition who are anti-Russian and many nationalist minded Poles who tend towards anti-Russian feelings to put it mildly, where shouting Donald Trump’s name throughout his speech time and time again.

The Polish people clearly do not think Trump is a Russian puppet even though many in the US still do. Do they know something that CNN does not?

Yes they do, they know reality.

They will however also be aware that while Donald Trump spouted the insulting lie that the Soviet Union’s actions during the 1930s and 1940s were in some way equal to those of Hitler’s wicked Reich, he also did not attack either directly nor by inference, the actions or modern Russia.

Instead, Trump attacked Islam, something increasingly popular in modern Poland. While Poland hardly has any Muslim residents, many Poles watch the same anti-Muslim media that is popular in the English speaking world.

In this sense, Trump’s message to Poland was a mixed bag.

He treated his Polish audience to a repetition of  their favourite anti-Soviet and anti-Russian myths from Polish historical hagiography but failed to connect them to the present day as countless Polish politicians do.

Instead he gave his audience a classic Trump speech which implied that the dangers facing modern Europe are not those of a real or imagined past but those of a real or imagined present, what Trump calls “radical Islamic terrorism”, something more accurately called. “radical Wahhabist terrorism”.

The point remains, Trump was just uproariously embraced by one of the most anti-Russian nations in the history of the world. If that doesn’t prove that Trump has nothing to do with Russia, it means that those saying otherwise will never be satisfied.

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