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Poland commits “ACT OF BARBARISM” and begins DESTROYING Soviet war memorials

What was once unthinkable is now a fact of life in modern Europe.

After months of passing the necessary legislation and making the requisite threats, Poland has begun demolishing war memorials to the Soviet Army which have stood in Poland since 1945.

Poland has not negotiated the matter with Russia, nor have Polish authorities even appeared interested in inter-state dialogue about a deeply serious issue in the context of wider world history and historical memory.

Russia has condemned the gravely insulting moves. The Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned the act of “barbarism” against the eternal memory of the war heroes in the following way,

“We consider this outrageous incident an illustration and direct consequence of the Polish government’s anti-Russian policy in the memorial field among other”.

The Foreign Ministry further condemned the destruction as an “act of vandalism”.

The Russian Defence Ministry further stated,

“The Polish authorities, without notification and consent from the Russian side, demolished all the architectural elements of the burial site, including the mausoleum of the Red Army soldiers, within the grave. This is an outrageous act of insulting the memory of those who liberated the world from the brown plague of fascism”.

Writing in The Duran on 23 July of this year, geo-political expert Andrew Korybko proposed that Russian civil society groups help relocate the monuments to Russia, thus taking them off Polish hands while preserving the eternal memory of the liberators of Europe from fascism on Russian soil.

However, without even allowing dialogue about the issue, Poland has ruined any chances for reconciliation. Instead, the authorities have begun demolishing sacred sites dedicated to those who liberated Poland from the fascist enemy.It is an act our spiteful and twisted act of insulting historical revisionism that sets a frightening precedent for modern Europe.

One Polish man posted a live video of the daylight destruction of the memorial posted a comment stating,

“History is happening before our eyes”.

He also declared that he was “feeling excited”.

Far from being “exciting” this tragic act of vandalism is an international disgrace that has been allowed to happen in the heart of Europe which could well still be under fascist occupation if not for the heroic acts of the Soviet soldiers whose monuments are being desecrated by a state actor.

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