Peter Lavelle: The world of media turned upside down

Living in interesting times cuts both ways: obvious and inconvenient truths appear, while old narratives and worldviews refuse to give way. Parallel universes strangely co-exist; though tensions between the two demand one replace the other. We live in such times. The west’s political, economic, financial, and cultural elites are under attack. And their lies about themselves and the rest of us challenge the status quo.

Now is a moment of switching places. We in the alternative  and news media are regularly attacked as being loons, crazies, conspiracy theorists, and apologists for one thing or another or for someone. Indeed, among our ranks there are some unsavory and misguided voices. However, on the whole have made incredible progress.

Western audiences are turning away from corporate mainstream media in droves. The reason is obvious: the lies and distorted narratives no longer convince. In fact, there are increasingly perceived as an insult to common sense. Who are these insulting drivers? They are CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, New York Times, Financial Times, Economist, The New York Review of Book, National Public Radio, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker; the list is long and well known.

Today it is the mainstream media that peddles conspiracy theories. From “Putin did it” to “Assad must go,” to “Washington isn’t interventionist enough in the Arab-Muslin world” and “more spending on the military will solve all our problems.” None of these narratives and many, many more simply do not make any sense anymore. The western world is bleeding, though the elites are indifferent to our plight. This has created an opening for us in the alternative and new media world who question the status quo.

But for sure the corporate mainstream media does not take any of this lightly, backed by their establishment masters. Their arrogance is as long as the day; their coveted demand to crowd out any other views redolent. To hide their agenda, they invent false and imaginary narratives. They invade the media sphere in a massive switch and bate exercise. We the intended consumers of their message are directed to quarrel among of selves. At the same time our national identity is erased, our culture debased, the institution of the family deemed regressive, our religion attacked, and other moral values made irrelevant and meaningless.

And we in the alternative media sphere are called the lunatics!

We are witnessing a paradigm shift. It is a time that is unpredictable and unstable. The good news is that we can discern the parallel universes – one that defends a fictional reality and the one that properly calls out what is obvious to so many of us. Speaking the truth and questioning authority is the universe that will prevail.

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk. His views may or may not reflect those of his employer. He is also a Director and contributor at The Duran.



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