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Peter Lavelle: If she loses, will Obama pardon Hillary Clinton? If she wins, will Hillary Clinton pardon Hillary Clinton?

The FBI’s decision to reopen the Hillary Clinton email scandal days before the election present a number of truly fantastic and dangerous scenarios – not of them good. One of the most powerful prerogatives of the U.S. president is the pardon. A presidential pardon can be absolute and free – the courts and the Congress cannot challenge the terms and conditions of a pardon. Could Barack Obama or a President Hillary Clinton resort to a pardon to stop the wheels of justice against the incredibly corrupt Clinton Machine?

Amazingly FBI Director James Comey decided not to indict Clinton, even after a mountain of evidence of wrongdoing, criminal behavior, violations of national security, and outright lying. Has he had a change of heart? Possibly. Or does he have in mind a face saving measure to salvage his reputation and career? This is a mute point – Comey has completely compromised himself and the FBI. In doing so, the election may now be completely compromised and the American system of legal due process. Now the plot becomes thicker and thicker.

A presidential pardon could rescue the Clinton Machine cesspool. Obama can pardon Hillary for anything he wants – for crimes committed or even suspected. This means he can pardon her without an indictment being issued. We could expect to hear Obama explain himself using the following words: “For good of the country, for the good of America’s democracy.” What he won’t say that he too is probably compromised by Hillary’s gross violations of the law. Obama may be willing to save Hillary from prison, but he most certainly doesn’t want to be victim of Hillary illegal behavior.

Pardoning Clinton before the election would represent the most egregious manipulation of an American presidential election in history. (Forget all the nonsense about Putin meddling in the election!). Pardoning Clinton after the election if she wins or loses would also constitute an unprecedented executive intervention in electoral politics.

Obama is a timid political figure. For eight years he has been the empty suit president. It is quite possible he merely wants to leave office to enjoy a life of undeserved luxury surrounded by sycophants. Thus, he may want to avoid throwing Hillary a lifeline to preserve his outsized ego and vanity.

If Hillary wins, she will still be under criminal investigation. Upon inauguration would she pardon herself? It would not be illegal and there is nothing anyone could do about it. Though the obvious political storm would ensue. Again the Clintons would show they are above the law.

The use of a presidential pardon is a real possible at this juncture. It is also not impossible a President Hillary Clinton would pardon her entire inner circle and Barack Obama!

This is what American politics has descended into – a political culture that legally allows crooks and liars full pardon.

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk. His views may or may not reflect those of his employer.

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