Peter Lavelle: 10 good reasons to move to Russia

The western mainstream corporate media and the western political establishment already hate me, but on the upside this means I can speak my mind. I am liberated to say the most uncomfortable things – this is one of my callings in life. Unlike most in the west who call themselves a journalist (they aren’t – they are primarily liberal and/or neocon advocates of western hegemony), I am free to say what I wish. I do not follow a script; I am a person of conscience and convictions.

So, if you have had enough propaganda and lies, consider a life change – consider a big move – move to Russia. Here are ten reasons why:

  1. Hillary Clinton’s political machine doesn’t have traction here – we know she is not on a first name basis with the truth. She won’t bother you here.
  1. Donald Trump is no real friend of Russia. Read everything he has said. Let him stay in America to deal with Hillary. America’s mindless and poisonous politics won’t intrude upon you here.
  1. In Russia you are essentially left alone. There is no real state ideology – no one has to chant “Russia, Russia, Russia” like Americans never tire of saying “USA, USA, USA.” Russians love their country – no chanting necessary.
  1. If you are a religious person, you can practice your faith in peace. Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and others live in more or less harmony. Nevertheless, religious fanatics are not welcomed.
  1. If you wish to pursue an “alternative” lifestyle, then fine. Just don’t shove it down everyone’s throat demanding respect and equity.
  1. If you come from the underclass, there is little likelihood you will find yourself in the military to fight foreign wars far from home. And don’t believe your media, Russia’s economy is again growing and will have less and less to do with the west’s financial Ponzi scheme.
  1. In Russia there is a 13% flat tax on earnings – sound good?
  1. Part of the national character and culture is to respect the past and those who sacrificed. When the chips are down, Russians rally. And you don’t see much graffiti.
  1. The national food is nothing to brag about, but eating and drinking together with good friends makes it worth the occasion.
  1. Men are men and women are women.

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk. His views may not necessarily reflect those of his employer.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Duran.

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Phil Gibbons
Phil Gibbons
October 30, 2020

I have watched Peter Lavelle for a few years now and I am really impressed with his common sense approach. I try not to miss Crosstalk and it is my favourite program on TV.

Kim Janovitch
Kim Janovitch
January 5, 2021

I agree that there is a sense of culture and nationalism that we don’t have so much in the US anymore. There is also feeling of going back in time when I am in Russia. It reminds me of how the US use to be at its best. I love the fact that women and men are adjusted to their own identities and are not “woke” and trying to make everyone bend to issues of gender dysphoria. I love how Russians are invested in art, science, and athletics. Russia will only get better in time. I have been studying the… Read more »

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