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Pennsylvania bombshell: Biden 99.4% v. Trump 0.6%

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(Natural News) There are landslides and then there are landslides. There are lopsided votes and then there are lopsided votes. There are egregious examples of vote manipulation and then there are really egregious examples of vote manipulation. What surfaced during hearings in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on November 25, 2020, may set the standard for electoral outrageousness. An expert testifying to the Pennsylvania Senate flagged a batch of ballots that recorded some 570,000 votes for Joe Biden and only 3,200 for Donald Trump.

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Yes, you read that correctly. That would equate to Joe Biden bagging 99.4 percent of that enormous chunk of votes. That one batch alone would have flipped the state to Biden.

This bombshell was dropped last Wednesday at the Wyndham Hotel in Gettysburg. The November 25 hearings, which began at 12:30 p.m. and ran for nearly four hours, were convened at the request of Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, and York counties). It was sponsored by the Senate Majority Policy Committee, chaired by Sen. David Argall (R-Berks/Schuylkill). Mastriano has called what happened “unacceptable,” and has called for the resignation of Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar.

This particular gem was provided by Ret. Col. Phil Waldren, a former combat officer with a background in Army information and electronic warfare. Waldren, who testified along with Rudy Giuliani’s team, brought to the hearing his considerable expertise in analysis of election-data fraud. After Waldren presented his material, the chair opened the floor for questions. Rudy Giuliani went first, asking Waldren to clarify what his analytics team means when they talk about “spike anomalies” in voting patterns. These, as Waldren defines them, are “events where a numerical amount of votes are processed in a time period that is not feasible or mechanically possible under normal circumstances.” Waldren showed a chart with a shocking example of an apparent massive dump of votes for Joe Biden. Giuliani pressed Waldren for clarification regarding this unbelievable “Biden injection of votes.” Here’s the exchange:

Waldren: At the very beginning of the chart, where there’s a circle that says “On Election Day,” what that indicates is there’s a spike in loaded votes. 337,000-plus-or-minus-some votes that were added in there in one big batch. So that was an anomaly in the reporting. Normally you would expect to see a smooth curve going up, not any big spikes, that’s kind of what Greg was talking about, the anomalies of loading and uploading those votes. So that big spike that occurs there is a prime indicator of fraudulent voting.

Giuliani: And that’s [a total of] 604,000 votes in 90 minutes, is that right?

Waldren: Correct, this is [shows chart] 337,000 votes in that period of time.

Giuliani: And when you look at this entire curve, with all these spikes, can you calculate how much of a vote that accounted for for Biden, and how much for Trump?

Waldren: Close to 600,000. I think our figures were about 570-some-odd-thousand that all those spikes represent overtime.

Giuliani: For Biden?

Waldren: Correct.

Giuliani: And how much for Trump?

Waldren: I think it was a little over 3,200.

That’s roughly 570,000 votes for Biden and 3,200 for Trump. Biden scooped up this enormous batch by 99.4 percent. Incredible. Impossible. Scandalous.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Democracy Dies in the Shadow of Willful Blindness
Democracy Dies in the Shadow of Willful Blindness
December 3, 2020

Gee, I’m not a statistician but really, a very odd manifestation of the odds.

Simple Truths
Simple Truths

Trump, frump. Biden, shmiden……..the fish always rots from its guts.

Dee Cee
December 3, 2020

I watched the Pennsylvania hearings and I heard the testimony to this statistically impossible vote outcome. I’m wondering who is “down voting” this article, when a simple checkup on the source will verify that it is correct.

Simple Truths
Simple Truths
Reply to  Dee Cee
December 3, 2020

Who’s downvoting? Just some crazed Democrat. I don’t give a hoot for either candidate but this is far above that. Somebody’s hijacking the country and it sure ain’t the Russians.

The Shill Game
The Shill Game
Reply to  Simple Truths
December 3, 2020

Russia was just a diversionary tactic the DNC used while warming up for the real ballgame.

Conmen use that trick a lot. So do neoconmen, the sort that side with whoever’s the most maleable.

Steve Brown
December 3, 2020

Looks like someone misspelled the name, using “Waldren” instead of Waldron… maybe that’s why the neg? Anyway this should be huge news. Why isn’t it? Sorry to write, I believe Trump shot himself in the foot by employing Giuliani. Rudy just lacks credibility, has not practiced law for a long time, plus he’s way too old. And people tend to wonder, why Giuliani? What tf goods has he got on Trump? Now, as the Duran has pointed out, Barr seems to be ignoring this fraud issue…. which is more like electoral fraud than voter fraud. So you’d think Barr would… Read more »

Dee Cee
Reply to  Steve Brown
December 3, 2020

Thanks for the reply and the discussion! I get treated like I’m not a credible person all the time…mostly because I loudly and obnoxiously refuse to be gaslighted. Many examples from my recent personal experience back that up…but that’s beside the point. I’m not sure what it is that makes Rudy Giuliani untrustworthy in your eyes, but from my point of view it looks a lot like he really is actually loyal to DJT. DJT has been betrayed by a whole lot of characters that he’s trusted before. This is such an important issue, who can DJT actually trust? That’s… Read more »

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