Papandreou: From IMF debt agent to drug pusher

Former prime minister George Papandreou has “saved” Greece multiple times. He first brought in the IMF. He then introduced “green” energy. Now he’s pushing for legal cannabis. What are his motivations?

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Former prime minister George Papandreou, the clown who brought the IMF to Greece to indebt its citizens and bankrupt them, has found a new pet project: he is now pushing for the legalization of drugs. This at a time when Greek citizens are experiencing an extended period of economic attacks and due to these conditions, increased the use of such substances.

Papandreou recently attended a Parliamentary committee session and proposed the legalization of cannabis, stating that it is less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes. The fact that all the parties in Parliament accepted him to turn and waffle is the first crime. It shows how pro-EU the “Greek” Parliament is when they didn’t even call for Papandreou’s arrest for crimes against the Greek nation.

The former prime minister wants registered companies to run the market, and of course he wants to invest in those companies being set up. Like all politicians, he has only ever been in it for himself and his immediate relatives, as previous allegations of his brother playing on Greek bonds during the height of the Eurocrisis have surfaced many times. Adding to his “credentials,” Papandreou also allegedly pioneered “green” development on behalf of the EU by adding an amount on the electricity bills of each Greek citizen for alleged “renewable” energy.

Papandreou added that “the market for medical cannabis in Europe brings in profits of 50 billion euro. In Colorado, the imports are above 600 million euros in one year from taxation whilst 300,000 work in this industry and this aids poverty stricken areas. For public health there is a positive response by the legalization of marijuana.”

The illegal trade in drugs is allegedly at around $320 billion worldwide, but funnily enough there is no mention of the Afghani-Kosovo drug routes and Papandreou’s love affair with globalism and mass migration. He obviously wants to get in on the act and emulate the cigarette manufacturers who produce one batch of legal cigarettes and then import “illegal” tax-free cigarettes from other areas and add it to their existing stock, as was happening via Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Further showing that Papandreou is on to something, one needs to look no further than to the sponsors and supporters of this year’s first-ever “Athens Cannabis Expo.” They include the General Secretariat of the Greek government, the Greek ministry of economy and development, the Greek ministry of agriculture and food, the Greek ministry of health and social solidarity, the regional government of the Attica-Athens region, “leftist” and pro-government media outlets such as the Efimerida ton Syntakton, (founded by a member of the European Parliament representing SYRIZA), the shining example of yellow journalism, the hipster-snark (Greece’s answer to Vice), an outfit known as “Cannabis News,” a website known as “” (Exarchia is the Athens neighborhood that is a haven of drugs and the Greek edition of “antifa”), and a wide variety of cannabis-related businesses. Some such businesses have begun to make their appearance in previously abandoned storefronts in various Athens neighborhoods. Who says growth hasn’t arrived?

Therefore, it should be no surprise that Papandreou made an appearance at the aforementioned Athens Cannabis Expo earlier this year. Perhaps he had to check on how his investments are performing. Who knows.

It has been reported that a lot of the marijuana products are no longer really natural as they are filled with added toxins ensuring one gets high quickly and gets hooked even quicker. Even its alleged medical use is disputed as drugs numb the senses.

Gone are the days when the Greek left railed against the use of marijuana. Today, it’s marketed as a “‘lifestyle” drug, one that is calorie free and so forth.

One would have to be stoned to invite the IMF to destroy a nation and then go around selling drugs to “save” those who were destroyed. That’s Papandreou in a nutshell.

Opinions expressed are those of the author alone and may not reflect the opinions and viewpoints of Hellenic Insider, its publisher, its editors, or its staff, writers, and contributors.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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