An Open Letter to Bernie Voters – There are Alternatives to Clinton and Trump

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Dear Bernie Voters,

In what has been pretty much known already since March 15, Hillary Clinton will most probably be the democratic candidate for the president of the United States. After a protracted fight, you are now left to choose between a racist blowhard and a corporate schilling criminal. Oh what a time to be alive.

Your “choice” this election cycle will be the first white, obscenely rich, wife of a former president who is in a loveless dysfunctional marriage, probable criminal, but most importantly a woman for service in the highest office in America.

Most of you are young, but scandal has dogged the Clintons throughout their 30-year history. Leaving Bill Cosby Clinton’s transgressions aside, Hillary’s scandals throughout her career are too long to list here, but most recently, an IG report explicitly proved that she lied to the American public about her authorization to set up and run her email server outside of the State Department. More importantly, since the report was published, she has not offered an apology and has rather tried to spin the information as if the IG report was wrong in some effect.

Hillary isn’t going to change. Thirty years working at the federal level have molded her into the corporate schilling, Goldman Sachs pandering, say anything to get elected politician that she is. We all know this.

A lot of you would find it slightly stomach churning to cast your vote for her, but what better option do you have when Trump is on the other side of the ticket?

If you didn’t know already, Trump wants to systematically find, arrest and deport immigrants back to the brown countries they come from, whether it’s Mexico or the Middle East. Under his presidency, doors would be broken down in the middle of the night, families ripped apart, and actual Americans of Mexican or Islamic descent would have to start carrying documentation around with them at all times.

More so, 1.4 Billion people would be denied access to the “Land of the Free” based solely on their religion, most of whom don’t even look like the crazy Wahhabi Taliban ISIS folk that we are so hell bent on dropping bombs at the moment. In fact, most Muslims are based in Asia, where their countries are some of the most peaceful in the entire world.

Persecution of a people because of their race, no matter how much you spin it is blatant racism.

Additionally, the Donald has taken umbrage with decorated war veterans, advocates for eminent domain, called for journalists to be jailed, will increase surveillance on Americans, cares little for the environment, torturing women and children and a myriad of other policies which any other normal candidate would have been politically tarred and feathered for.

What Trump does offer is good television. In fact, great television. There has never been an entertainer who has capture the short attention span of millions of Americans so effectively and continuously. Trumps campaign is the political equivalent of the WWE, the living embodiment of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Both candidates are equally despised. Both are extremely polarizing. Neither should be their respective parties’ presumptive candidate for president of the United States of America.

The rise of each is attributable to the polarizing identity politics of the last 40 years. Born out of the Vietnam war and the rise of the Conservative right, granular issues of race, class, religion and gender have come under the domain of the government and exploited for votes by both Republicans and Democrats. The two party system employed in the United States today creates those who are pro- and those which are anti, leaving no middle ground.

Where are Bernie voters like yourself to find a party that values the environment, deplores the cronyism of corporate capitalisms effect on government, will work for students and predatory student loan companies, fight against the ever growing power of Wall Street and ultimately provide equal fair rights to each of its citizens? Today’s two party system fails to provide for you. Wealth and Size buy power in our government, leaving the young and the poor without proper representation and incurring apathy and disdain in those who believe they have no alternative.

You have a choice though, just like the one you made to support a man who stood as a “democratic socialist” and who would fight against the Wall Street and the establishment. You may not know but other parties do exist; the Green, Libertarian, Constitution, Socialist, New Black Panthers, and Communist parties all provide different platforms for those who do not feel adequately represented by our fiercely controlled duopolistic current state of affairs.

Voting is important. It is the engine of democracy that drives the country forward. America’s collective choice significantly impacts every citizen on entire world, economically, militarily, socially, and environmentally. Yet the people who have been selected to lead next year are far from what you would want. If real change is to be had, think deeply about your own ideals, how you want to make others’ lives better and accept only someone who represents those ideals. Don’t abdicate to a racist or a criminal and stand up for yourself and your rights.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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