OOPS: alleged Putin puppet Trump forgets Russia Day greeting

Some Russian puppet he is…

For the first time in memory, the White House has failed to send the Russian President warm wishes for Russia Day, an annual celebration of Russian culture held on the rather dubious date of 12 June.

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The Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy to the United States, Nikolai Lakhonin confirmed the strange oversight saying,

“We can confirm that we did not receive any greetings from the American side on the occasion of Russia Day. This happens for the first time as far as we remember. Make your own conclusions”.

It seems that a US administration supposed to be controlled by Russia doesn’t even remember the send a greeting for Russia Day.

At least North Korea remembered.

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June 14, 2017

U$ Americans did not forget … they were busy sorting out placing More Illegal Sanctions on RF … and then preparing a statement of “friendship” !

Just like U$ Americans Murder 7 Million Vietnamese and then are surprized when Vietnam wants nothing to do with U$ Americans !

Phillip Kokesh
Phillip Kokesh
June 14, 2017

again, the tail wags the dog. when is enough, enough..?!

June 14, 2017

Maybe President Putin will STOP referring to the US as ” partner”… and “our friends”, we know he is being “polite” and does not for a moment believe any of what those terms imply, but it just sounds either silly or sarcastic…

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