Obama’s approval rating drops to an all time low…Golf rounds played hit all time high!

What’s not to like about Obama’s second term? Obamacare, the destruction of the middle class, immigration nightmares, and about half a dozen wars (new and old) flaring up all over the place.

From Zerohedge:

Nearly 80% of Americans have lost faith in the American political system, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll. Despite record highs in stocks (and consumer confidence?) – and a President proclaiming that as victory – 60% of Americans are dissatisfied with the economy and 70% believe the nation is heading in the wrong direction. Who is to blame for this? President Obama’s overall approval rating has collapsed to a new low at 40%, with only 42% approving of his handling of the economy. “Americans are cranky, unhappy… It is with everything going on the world,” and 57% are pissed off enough to carry a protest sign. But don’t worry, as President Obama has reiterated during his tenure, he “will not rest…”

I guess it comes as no surprise that Obama’s approval rating is in the toilet, as it deserves to be.  He can at least take some consolation…he does have a higher approval rating than Vladimir Putin.

I wonder how far Obama’s approval rating would drop if the main stream media machine, currently protecting the POTUS and his highly questionable policy actions, stopped running ridiculously false stories and narratives.

One thing Obama seems to be really good at…GOLF:



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