Not one western media outlet has asked the question; Why is the US pushing for war with Russia? Some answers to this basic question…

Zerohedge recently ran an article called, “The Road To War With Russia”, which was submitted by Chris Martenson from the Peak Prosperity blog.

Its a fantastic read, that fully exposes the US’s proxy war against Russia currently taking place, and challenges readers to understand why the war with Russia is being waged in the first place.

In his post, Chris Martenson asks the question no main stream media outlet dares to touch…

If it looks like a war, acts like a war and smells like a war, it may just be a war.  The US has been waging economic, financial, trade, political and even kinetic war-by-proxy against Russia.  The only question is why?

Martenson continues…

From the perspective of Russians it seems clear that neocons are driving the US ship of state, and that they are simply not the sort of people with whom you negotiate in good faith or whom you trust.  The neocons believe they have the upper hand, they are part of the most powerful country on earth, and they never negotiate preferring to dictate.

The only problem is, the US is rapidly losing allies and friends the world over and it’s not nearly as powerful as it used to be, thanks to a profound failure to invest in itself (education, infrastructure, etc).

Zerohedge commentators jumped at the chance to tackle the question head on.

One commentator, with the handle ‘Urban Roman’, gave six reasons why war with Russia is part of America’s empire mentality.

The only question is why?

The answer has several parts:

  1. To justify the existence of NATO, which has really had nothing to do for about 20 years. Likewise the Pentagon, which hasnt won anything since 1945, is getting anxious to look relevant.
  2. Natural resources. Resources, really. Russia still has ’em, and the ‘West’ has reached peak for its own.
  3. Growth. The entire ‘Capitalist’ economy depends on growth, and it has run out of people and real estate to exploit.
  4. The pillage which was started under Yeltsin in the 90s, has stopped for some mysterious reason in the 00s. In fact, Putin has repatriated the assets of some of the oligarchs to Russia.
  5. The stupid, wrong notion that “war is good for the economy”. This is only true if a) you win the war; b) there was something worth winning. Russia is a pretty big prize, but there’s no guarantee of winning.
  6. Finally, if they lose the war, the shitty economy can be blamed on Russia, not the domestic failure of central planning.

There are probably some others, but that’s a start.

Another zerohedge commentator, with the handle ‘Jack Burton’, provides this insightful explanation as to why America is hell bent on war with Russia:

The question Why is interesting. The reason the US has taken up an alliance with now open Nazis from West Ukraine is one I can’t answer with certainty. It looks, from events, that the US move to fund and foment a fascist coup in Kiev, using open Nazis from Lvov in Galitica, is aimed at making Ukraine a NATO forward operating base to crush Russia from. Does that sound harsh? Does anyone think democracy and freedom are on the US agenda, when the Nazis were called in. Just a few days ago, in Kiev, thousands of Naziz marched, chanting for a war of destruction against Russia. Research the march, that is the only conclusion you can draw, it was a Hitler ralley in all but name. So take freedom and deomcracy out of any arguments for WHY the USA is deeply involved in Kiev.

Black Water is sending 500 trainers to Kiev, to train an experimental battlion of elite Ukrainian troops, drawing heavily from the nazi guard battlions already on the battle field. Kiev announced the call up of 200,000 men this spring.

Today a small scale assualt trying to break the rebel defense line north of Luhansk was beaten back. Leaving a burned out Ukrainian tank and ten dead Ukrainian soldiers, while Donetsk was under heavy artillery and rocket fire all day, 2 civilians dead at one site, and entire family blown away in another site. This is typical of any day of this cease fire.

This spring the US will have to decide if they are going to fund the sprig offensive to destroy Donetsk. Kiev is bankrupt, and needs America to fund this war, which it is doing already. Putin will not let the Donbass fall, he will aid the rebels with arms. But he will not allow the Donbass to leave the Ukraine either. Russia will NOT expand into Donbass, as Kiev claims. It is better policy to avoid getting into this war. But make no mistake, Russians are now openly accepting the idea that they will be at war with the USA very soon. No, Putin is not saying this, the rest of the establishment in Russia is saying it. War they think is being forced on them for if they surrender in Donbass, they believe the US will find another place to attack Russia. Hint! The Baltics.


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January 11, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: Not one western media outlet has asked question; Why is US pushing for war w/Russia? Here are some answers..…

January 11, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: Not one western media outlet has asked question; Why is US pushing for war w/Russia? Here are some answers..…

January 12, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: Not one western media outlet has asked question; Why is US pushing for war w/Russia? Here are some answers..…

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RT @redpilltimes: Not one western media outlet has asked question; Why is US pushing for war w/Russia? Here are some answers..…

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