No more tide pod challenge…now teens are snorting condoms

First it was eating Tide Pods. Now, it’s snorting condoms.

Looney teens are redefining stupidity, moving away from eating tide pods to now snorting condoms.

The Sacramento Bee reports…

Also known as the “snorting condom challenge” or “condom-snorting challenge,” the fad actually dates back several years but has recently gone viral again, educators say.

According to MRCTV, the “challenge” involves snorting a condom up your nose and attempting to pull it down your throat and out of your mouth.

I’m taking the report’s word for it, considering I’ve never shoved a condom – or anything else, for that matter – up my nose and attempted to yank it through my mouth.

This is not just a dozen or so morons who’ve decided inhaling contraceptives sounds like a good idea.

The challenge has gone viral, particularly on YouTube, where thousands of videos of people – mostly teens but also some young adults who host channels on the site – snorting condoms have been posted.

These are the “leaders” of tomorrow who are out on mainstream media channels dictating gun policies.

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