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Did Nigel Farage just meet Julian Assange?

Mr. Brexit aka Nigel Farage was pictured entering the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. He stayed for around 40 minutes.

Perhaps Farage wanted to strength British-Ecuadorian trade relations in preparation for the UK’s exit from the EU single market or perhaps he was meeting with the most famous resident of the Embassy, none other than Julian Assange? So far, no one can confirm.

The timing is quite telling as Farage’s visit to the Embassy took place only a few hours before Julian Assange’s press conference where he revealed that Wikileaks will cooperate with the technology firms whose products the CIA has hacked, in order to better product the security of their customers.

Farage, who also hosts a popular radio call-in show on London’s LBC may indeed have been interviewing the Wiki-leader as Farage was pictured along side¬†Christian Mitchell, LBC’s head of operations.

When asked what he was doing at the Embassy Farage ‘pulled a Reagan’ and said coyly that he didn’t remember.

The relationship between alternative-media, the new breed of anti-establishment political leaders like Farage and Wikileaks continues to grow more intriguing. What’s more is that with Farage and President Trump becoming close personal friends, this could be an insight into Trump’s ambiguous position on Julian Assange.


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