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New York City apartment vacancies hit record high

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Jack Fanning
Jack Fanning
August 16, 2020

Get out of the 21st century slave plantations in the cities. They are infestations of those held in bondage by the oligarchs. It is easier to exploit crowded cities than wide open countryside where some semblance of freedom still remains.

Reply to  Jack Fanning
August 16, 2020

Rural areas aren’t for everyone. You need to be somewhat self-sufficient.

scott norris
scott norris
August 17, 2020

Let’s see, just this weekend 76 injured, 14 killed by gunfire in NYC. In the big city I live in there was one shooting death and 3 injuries. We have 1.5 million in the metro area (within 50 miles).
Who would want to live there?

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