New Jersey tech executive takes Craigslist to court over anonymous listing calling him a cheater

The damage the Internet can do a someone’s reputation is under reported. Social sites have connected us like never before, but they have also afforded lots of petty people the opportunity to lash out, often times anonymously, at people with no fear of retribution.

A New Jersey tech executive was shocked when an anonymous user posted on Craigslist that he was a serial cheater, and then asked readers to out him to his girlfriend.

Being an anonymous post, the tech executive had no choice but to haul Craigslist to court over the listing. The least this person could do is have the balls to reveal herself/himself.

The New York Post reports…

John Goullet’s longtime girlfriend, Theresa Olguin, received an email from a reader named Adam Cooper on Dec. 30, according to court papers.


It said, “I cannot tell her because we have people in common . . . She deserves to know while he is screwing dozens of women even younger than his own kids.”

Olguin, 49, a wardrobe stylist who has been with Goullet, 53, for three years, was not pleased.

She had also received a mysterious letter in April at her Trump Place apartment.

It read, “I know you have been with John for awhile. I feel you should know that I have seen him with another woman several times . . . It is not platonic.”

Goullet, an exec in the IT staffing firm Diversant, is suing Craigslist, demanding that the site reveal the snitch.

He says in court papers that the cheating claims are false and malicious.

He told The Post, “It’s a private matter and I don’t want any attention given to it.”

Olguin could not be reached for comment and Craigslist has not responded yet to the suit. Craigslist should out the anonymous poster asap.


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January 10, 2015

#New Jersey tech executive takes #Craigslist to court over anonymous listing… #Politics

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