No more need for programmers? Google is building a computer that programs itself

Just the other day Elon Musk warned the world about the demonic, pandora’s box of evil that artificial intelligence may unleash on the world. Today we get this news coming out of “do no evil” Google…

Today’s news brings us to the Neural Turing Machine, a computer that will combine the way ordinary computers work with the way the human brain learns, enabling it to actually program itself.
The computer is currently being developed by the London-based DeepMind Technologies, an artificial intelligence firm that was acquired by Google earlier this year. Neural networks — which will enable the computer to invent programs for situations it has not seen before — will make up half of the computer’s architecture. Experts at the firm hope this will equip the machine with the means to create like a human, but still with the number-crunching power of a computer, New Scientist reports.
In two different tests, the NTM was asked to 1) learn to copy blocks of binary data and 2) learn to remember and sort lists of data. The results were compared with a more basic neural network, and it was found that the computer learned faster and produced longer blocks of data with fewer errors. Additionally, the computer’s methods were found to be very similar to the code a human programmer would’ve written to make the computer complete such a task.
These are extremely simple tasks for a computer to accomplish when being told to do so, but computers’ abilities to learn them on their own could mean a lot for the future of AI.

So once the programmers figure out how to create computers that self-program, do we still need programmers?
Finally, if I have a great tech start up idea, will I just be able to tell my computer what it is over a beer, and then he/she/it will crank out the app in a few hours…or are we looking at more of a Terminator, Arnold, computers aware, nuke the world type of system?
Google = Skynet
Elon Musk = John Connor?

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October 30, 2014

Reply to @redpilltimes It just means Google is going to continue to dominate.

October 30, 2014

@redpilltimes Programmers are not going to become obsolete, just yet.

October 30, 2014

@redpilltimes Man just crazy. There will be a need for admins and programmers to make better programming languages.

October 30, 2014

Google is building a computer that programs itself –
PS.: “Das Kapital” eben von Google Books vorlesen lassen.

November 1, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: No more need for programmers? Google is building a computer that programs itself

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