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Mueller indictment of Roger Stone proves ZERO Trump-Russia collusion took place (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a look at the Mueller-Stone indictment which led to the the pre-dawn raid at Roger Stone’s Florida home by heavily armed FBI agents.

Regardless of all the media spin and Mueller’s carefully crafted story telling with the indictment of Stone, the fact remains that Stone was indicted on process crimes with not a single trace of Russian collusion found.

Special counsel Mueller has once again shown that he has nothing on the Trump campaign with regard to Russia election meddling, as the Deep State crony Mueller opts to arrest Stone on making false statements and obstruction of justice.

Real collusion however appears to have surfaced with regards to Mueller’s office and CNN, as the fake news network just happened to be at Stone’s residence when at least six FBI vehicles and approximately 12 officers stormed Roger Stone’s home in Fort Lauderdale.

As The Gateway Pundit notes, raw video posted to Twitter by CNN freelance cameraman Gilbert De La Rosa of the FBI arrest of Roger Stone early Friday morning at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, shows De La Rosa was parked right in front of Stone’s house waiting for the FBI to show up and that when they arrived the FBI ignored him as he got out of his vehicle to film, instead of treating him as a potentially armed hostile actor or innocent bystander at a heavily armed surprise pre-dawn raid.

Watching the video, it is stunning to see De La Rosa roll down his window and then step out of his vehicle as the FBI agents pull up and exit their vehicles in tactical gear with weapons drawn–and not one FBI agent points his weapon at De La Rosa. They don’t even speak to him to check him out. It’s like he’s part of the FBI team.

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Via The Gateway Pundit

Stone was subsequently released on $250,000 bond.

Roger Stone is a 66-year-old, non-violent man who was not a flight risk, yet Mueller deployed his Gestapo thugs to Roger Stone’s Ft. Lauderdale, Florida home early morning to intimidate him.

CNN just happened to be there as at least six FBI vehicles and approximately 12 officers stormed Roger Stone’s home in Fort Lauderdale. The KGB FBI agents were dressed in tactical vests with large weapons. They were wearing night vision glasses.

This is a new low for the FBI.

Mueller is trying to turn the screws on Stone — Stone reiterated today that he will not testify against President Trump. “I will not bear false witness,” Stone said Friday after he was released on bond.

A judge released Roger Stone on $250,000 bond Friday — this is a very low bond after an FBI raid.

Attorney Robert Barnes said that this very low bond proves the Judge knows the raid was excessive.

“Do you think if Mueller had any evidence Stone ever worked for or with the Russian government that he would be freed on a low-level bond and only charged with dubious process crimes?” Robert Barnes asked.

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If more lawyers were to serve the publics intrests as you have Mr. Mercouris, we would have a much better society. Outstanding assessment, with Mr. Stone. This country is heavily imaged based, Saddam gruffy, Ghadifi sp. roughed up..and now slight of hand with Mr. Stone. Anyway, Since I dropped Unto Us..the system here presents actors readily to attempt takeover of holdings and to weaken positions, esp. at Mcdonalds- Ive ran Ronald thru the maze so to speak, Lord of the West Baal seems to double things up and preserves from actors, hopefully I can extend out of limitations involved with… Read more »


One of the issues involved for example I.A. kim yellostone, storming father sun mother banua vanuatu ..83 islands 7.0 88 siesmic monitors area pt. 8 offline pop goes the weasle- Apophis..but also shining star sat. That the russians flying from Venzuala to Carribean could have caused EMP against this country as it had schematical availabilty. This was stopped with acting out part in New York recently with power disruptions DEW in Kenner LA…its complicated Mr. Mercouris and Im concerned for you, if your not properly warned of the other factors involved, the world needs people like you, Im generally not… Read more »


Given the subjects of Mr. Stone’s literary/biographical efforts, it is not surprising that the former DFBI (RM) would try to make some great production out of the arrest of RS, given who RM’s former bosses are. These are the same subjects who have axes to grind with The Donald because of his statements prior to and because of his winning the Presidential contest in 2016. RS and others may be a little harder to manipulate or intimidate than some of the others, considering his long-time experience in the D-of-C and supporters who will stand alongside him. As we’ve seen so… Read more »


I wanted to further add, Mr. Mercouris, how important the Ping Dynasty is, if you will indulge for a moment, schematical structure to the world is somrwhat fixed to its conveyance, forces interact upon it accordingly, ex. Inspector of the cosmos- inspector satellites. it is my sincere believe that China, Ping Dynasty, is the authorized schematical reciepicant- in aptitude- a economic powerhouse for the worlds good-Mr. David Cameron with Jin Ping in shoppung cart..if it is interfered with it could become a nightmare, malware of this country in extreme rivalry (sea peoples against civilisation) russia in drcm approach..The Grey Day.… Read more »


On the surface of it, mad, but certainly more entertaining than anything on CIANN.


Stone’s real crime was, as Hilary Clitton [sic] put it; “Insulting the ruling glass.” Before democracy was reborn after a long sleep post-Athens, that crime was called ‘lese majeste’ (insulting the King.
The penalty was death and there was no trial and no appeal.
Just like today.

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