Hundreds of thousands flock to 30th annual Moscow International Book Fair (PHOTOS)

Russian communist leader Gennady Zyuganov was among 130,000 people who participated in Moscow’s biggest literary event of the year

The 30th annual Moscow International Book Fair took place in Moscow from September 6-10, and was full of exciting sounds, displays and entertainment as people from around the world thronged to see the latest offerings from the literary world.

The fair was hosted at Pavilion No. 75 of Moscow’s grand exhibition center VDNKh, which provided 7205 square meters of space.¬†There were over 529 exhibitors registered (including 114 foreign from 35 different countries).

According to the fair’s press office, over 130,000 people visited the fair over its five days – including some special guests! (see below)

Technology at the fair was on ample display
New books about Vladimir Lenin and the era of the Revolution
The fair hosted an exhibition of the press in 1917
Publications from the early Soviet era. 2017 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution
Russia’s newest republic, Crimea, was proud to display its unique literature
The 7205 sq. m. pavilion hall was packed from end to end
One of the most prominent displays was from AST – one of Russia’s largest publishers
The display of Eksmo – another larger player in the Russian book market
A selection of books on politics for the patriotically-inclined
Great films in English novelization
Russians are very keen on travel
Books weren’t the only things on display
Books about the cultural traditions of the former USSR were on display
A man at the Belarus display demonstrates a step in traditional book printing
China had a very big presence with an impressive display
Books for learning Chinese – published by Beijing University
A collection of paintings by Chinese artists
With local elections scheduled for Sept 10, political parties were in attendance. Here’s the display for liberal opposition party “Yabloko”
Pamphlets and CDs by nationalist LDPR leader Vladimir Zhironovsky
Zhironovsky was even on hand for photos….sort of

One man who was there in the flesh was communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov – who joined in singing an old wartime favorite

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There was an interesting offering of books from Iran
New books by Iranian authors
El Salvador’s exhibitor was taking a break but left behind enough to see
Gentlemen from the UAE having a chat at their display
A Russian publisher called “border”
Learning English is big business
Interest in the country’s traditional Orthodox Church is rising in Russia
e-book publishers are also rapidly gaining their share of the market
“Dilettante” is publisher of a popular history-themed magazine
Hundreds of authors were on site to speak about their books – an author at the Bulgarian display
A reading area sponsored by the Russian State Library
Books from Azerbaijan

Among the books on offer: “Time is money” by John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford

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