More blood! Creditors, sensing Greek weakness, now go for the kill, demanding 11 Billion Euros in austerity

In the movie The Untouchables, Jim Malone, played by Sean Connery, explains to Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) the Chicago Way…i.e. how to deal with, and take down the mafia.

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras could have learned a thing or two from Connery’s speech when dealing with the EU mafia. You can never play nice, or be a good guy, with the sociopaths in Brussels who rule over the serfs of Europe.

Dealing with the EU requires hard ball tactics. If you cannot play tough then don’t step foot on to the pitch. Go all the way, and then go further. Their is nothing left to lose anymore.

For those that think the 8 Billion euro austerity plan put forth by Athens on Monday was enough to pacify creditors and put an end (for now) to the Greece crisis…boy were you dead wrong.


Disagreeing with the mix of measures that Athens presented on Monday, creditors are now seeking to push up the two year, 2015-2016, austerity measures from 7.9 Billion Euros to a whopping 11 billion Euros!

Creditors are also demanding that VAT be set at 23% for all businesses, and to completely abolish Social Insurances for Pensioners (ΕΚΑΣ).

At the core of this latest round of demands from creditors, is their complete lack of trust in Greece’s “tax collection” capability. The new recipe designed by creditors sees a mix of increased taxation and more government cuts.

At the center of this roadblock is the IMF, which does not accept the latest Greek proposal and desires more measures to cut government budgets rather than rely on increased tax collection.

Keep in mind this is the same IMF that just last week said it will fund neo-nazi run Ukraine no matter what, even in default, even in war…no matter what!

Here’s a thought…myabe, just maybe the IMF is dying to get out of the Greek debt quagmire in order to more fully focus on, and fund, America’s Ukraine neo-nazi pet project.

Via Zerohedge:

… also as we predicted, where either the Greek negotiators will finally enact the “dreaded” pension cuts, or else the Troika will be able to wash its hands of a Greek default and blame it all on Greek intransigence. As a further reminder, at this point it is all about who gets the blame for a “Grexident.

If only Greece could somehow find a way to commit genocide against Russian speaking people, then the money from the IMF would flow like a river…no strings attached.


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