Model Joy Corrigan's nude photos are in the wild and she is set to sue Apple over the hack

Another day, another nude celebrity hack at Apple…well kind of celebrity.
Model Joy Corrigan is all fired up to sue Apple after her nude photos started popping up all over the web. She claims the hack was due to Apple’s poor iCloud security, which may or may not be true, but how many times must we ask, why are you uploading nude pics to the cloud anyway?
Can someone sue Joy Corrigan for not understanding what the “cloud” means in iCloud?
In an effort to try and capitalise on her 15 minutes, Mrs. Corrigan reaching out to other celebs and non-celebs to join her in court.
TMZ has more on the story:

Joy Corrigan says she was hacked months before Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and others who suffered the same fate.
Joy says she reached out to Apple in early July … but the company blew her off, saying she was simply a victim of phishing, so she needed to change her password. She followed orders, but days later she was hacked again. Apple gave her the same song and dance.
After the story broke late last month Apple contacted her and again denied any responsibility.
Joy’s now lawyered up and plans to round up other victims for a class action lawsuit against Apple.

And because you most likely have no idea who Joy Corrigan, here you go, ENJOY!


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