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Milo Yiannopoulos has his book canceled, resigns from Breitbart

Milo has been dealt a setback by the mainstream media but promises to emerge stronger than before.




The fake stream media have done a great deal to smear Donald Trump, his well-known supporters and his ordinary supporters with every form a lie, half-truth and baseless bit of innuendo imaginable.

Their latest victim is a well-known Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos. The allegation against him is one of the cruelest and defamatory imaginable. He is being accused by the mainstream media of endorsing pedophilia.

One can find the transcript of Milo’s interview which inspired the allegation here.

The discussion was intelligent at times, thought-provoking at others, and as Milo often does, he offered his unique brand of humour, which some love and some hate. Many sorts of humour involve the use of off-colour material. Milo is no exception. He is no better or worse than many in this respect and should not be treated as some sort of outlier in this respect.  But there is no doubt that at no time in the interview did he endorse, promote or excuse acts of pedophilia.

In fact, there is little doubt in my mind that Milo was targeted with this false allegation because he has not only lambasted pedophilia time and again but has exposed prominent pedophiles, the details of which are in his latest Facebook post.

The list includes a former associate of the former British MP and Hillary Clinton supporter Louise Mensch, who during the course of the election season made her own inflammatory remarks about Russian culture. Needless to say Mensch is far from intelligent.

Milo seems clearly upset by these allegations as anyone would be. It shows the base character of mainstream media fully and clearly. While I have in the past been critical of some of Milo’s statements, I have always supported his right to free speech, personal safety, safety for those attending his events and I would defend anyone against such an insidious lie.

I have always been critical of so-called statuary rape laws (laws where two consenting people of a clear age of reason, can still be prosecuted for various acts) for the same reason I oppose all laws which put arbitrary numerical standards ahead of logic, ethics, morals and common sense. There are after all many young adults capable of reasonable decision making and this should logically be taken into account. Likewise, there are many old adults incapable of anything rational or intelligent, but no one is calling to legislate against that.

There are after all many young adults capable of reasonable decision making and this should logically be taken into account. Likewise, there are many old adults incapable of anything rational or intelligent, but no one is calling to legislate against that.

When the justice system says that a 15-year-old school boy involved with an older teacher is the same thing as violent rape of actual children, one’s priorities are lost and so is one’s moral compass.

Most 15-year-old boys are frivolous and would like nothing more than to engage in a carnal experience with an older woman. This in no way should be compared to the vile, fiendish, un-natural acts that criminals like Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath inflicted on their victims. Incidentally, both men lived into old age and died without being persecuted for their crimes against children.

The continued attempts of mainstream media to slander anyone who endorses Trump shows that ironically we are living in an age where the mainstream media slime will do anything to score a goal. They will debase the very kinds of people they tend to lionise so long as they are ‘on message’.

But the moment someone who is black, female, homosexual or of a non-Anglo-Saxon background expresses views contrary to the post-modern narrative, it’s open season. The hypocrisy demonstrates that the ultra-liberal left were never about tolerance, they were as they are, all about the destruction of tradition, so much so that they will happily attack those they claim to defend when convenient.

Why is it that many Christians are happy to engage in dialogue with people like Milo even if they disagree with elements of his life, yet the liberal media salivate at the chance to knock him down a few pegs? Many conservative-minded individuals including Alex Jones have steadfastly stood up for Milo’s right to free speech and his latest war against the vile mainstream media whose action are frankly more vulgar than any of Milo’s off colour jokes and more dangerous than any of his less than balanced comments.

The whole ‘scandal’ is little more than a attempt by the liberal mainstream media to divide and destroy the new media movement and the wider conservative and libertarian movements.

By painting Milo as something he isn’t, they want to use his remarks to drive a wedge between former allies. First they’ll attack Milo because he’s carnally flamboyant and most conservatives are not, then they’ll come for RT because RT is based in Russia and most American conservatives are not Russian, then they’ll come for websites that challenge neo-liberal economics, then Christian websites and before one knows it, all of alt-media will be in a perilous position. However, I ultimately believe that msm’s attempt to divide and destroy, will fail.

But what the msm didn’t bet on is that social media means that the likes of Milo can continue to cultivate their audience and make money in doing so whilst the ratings of fake news continue to plummet. Advertisers well eventually abandon msm like rats on a sinking ship.

Although his soon to be published book Dangerous has been canceled by the publisher, I have a feeling a new publisher will jump at the chance to earn a piece of Milo’s pie.

Milo has also now resigned from Breitbart. He claims his decision is his alone, but then again so did Michael Flynn resign of his own will.

I have no doubt that Milo will continue to be a successful commentator, but the mainstream media’s attempt to slander Milo based on a lie is totally unacceptable. Criticise Milo all you want, I’ve done so myself several times in the past. But to attempt to censor someone through lies, media exploitation and innuendo, is wrong in the land of the First Amendment. It would be morally wrong, anywhere.

With this in mind here is a list of American allies with ages of consent lower than the US average and lower than the UK-wide age of 16.

Albania: 14 (NATO member)

Austria: 14 (EU member)

Croatia: 15 (EU and NATO member)

Czech Republic: 15 (EU and NATO member)

Denmark: 15 (EU and NATO member)

Estonia: 14 (EU and NATO member)

France: 15 (EU and NATO member)

Germany: 14 (EU and NATO member)

Greece: 15( EU and NATO member)

Italy: 14 (EU and NATO member)

Poland: 15 (EU and NATO member)

Sweden: 15 (EU member)

Before people accuse Milo of anything, one must accuse these countries who are traditional American allies of the same. They must also be willing to say that these US allies are uncivilised and unjust places. Are the fake news merchants willing to do so? For shame, fake stream media, for shame!

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Some Russian monarchists want Tsar Vladimir Putin

Latest news from Russian monarchists highlight the debate over bringing the Russian Empire back to life in modern times.

Seraphim Hanisch



A December 13 report in The Wall Street Journal shone light on a notion that has been afoot in the Russian Federation since the fall of Communism in 1991 – the restoration of the Monarchy as the form of government, complete with a new Tsar of all the Russias.

Of course, some of these monarchists have a top contender in mind for that post, none other than President Vladimir Putin himself.

This idea has long been used in a pejorative light in the West, as various shadowy and not-so-shadowy elements in the American media speculated over the years that Mr. Putin was actually aspiring to become Tsar. This was thrown around until probably the time that the Russian president spoke, lamenting the fall of Communism, and since then the prime accusation has been that President Putin wants to bring back the Soviet Union.

This is not true. It also does not appear to be the case that the Russian president wants to be Tsar. But the monarchists are not fazed in the slightest. Here is excerpted material from the WSJ piece, with emphases added:

The last time term limits forced Russian leader Vladimir Putin to step down from the presidency, he became prime minister for a few years.

This time around, a group of pro-Kremlin activists have a different idea: Proclaim him Czar Vladimir.

“We will do everything possible to make sure Putin stays in power as long as possible,” Konstantin Malofeyev, a politically active businessman, said recently to thunderous applause from hundreds of Russian Orthodox priests and members of the country’s top political parties gathered at a conference outside Moscow. They were united by one cause—to return the monarchy to Russia…

Even among those who want a monarchy, however, there are splits over what kind it should be. Is an absolute monarchy better than a constitutional monarchy? Should a blood line be established or should the czar be elected? For those who favor male succession, would it be a problem that Mr. Putin reportedly only has two daughters? Some have even suggested others besides Mr. Putin should accede to the throne.

There is a very keen interest indeed among some in Russia that propose various options as to who might best become Tsar in the event that the Monarchy is restored.

Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov and his mother, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia, together with Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, head of the Russian Orthodox Church Department of External Relations

One candidate that has received significant attention is a man by the name of George Mikhailovich Romanov. He is an actual member of the Royal family, the heir apparent to Maria Vladimirovna Romanova, Grand Duchess of Russia. There are other heir apparents as well, and the issue as to who it should be has not been settled among the surviving members of the Romanov family.

The restoration of the Russian monarchy is unique because to carries strong religious significance. As far back as the 8th and 9th centuries, A.D., a host of saints and prophets appear to have foreseen the advent of the Soviet times and the restoration of the Tsar after their conclusion.

Some such prophecies are attributed to anonymous sources, but some are named. Here are two with rather extensive editing, so please go to the site linked for the fullest description of the prophecies.

Monk Abel the Prophet (+1831).

In a conversation with Tsar Paul I (+1801), after prophesying the destinies of all the Tsars from Paul I to Nicholas II:

“What is impossible for man is possible for God. God delays with His help, but it is said that He will give it soon and will raise the horn of Russian salvation. And there will arise a great prince from your race in exile, who stands for the sons of his people. He will be a chosen one of God, and on his head will be blessing. He will be the only one comprehensible to all, the very heart of Russia will sense him. His appearance will be sovereign and radiant, and nobody will say: ‘The Tsar is here or there’, but all will say: ‘That is him’. The will of the people will submit to the mercy of God, and he himself will confirm his calling. His name has occurred three times in Russian history. Two of the same name have already been on the throne, but not on the Tsar’s throne. But he will sit on the Tsar’s throne as the third. In him will be the salvation and happiness of the Russian realm.”

“Russian hopes will be realized upon [the cathedral of Hagia] Sophia in Tsargrad [Constantinople]; the Orthodox Cross will gleam again; Holy Rus will be filled with the smoke of incense and prayer, and will blossom like a heavenly lily.”

And from one of the most famous saints in Russian history:

St. John of Kronstadt (+1908):

“I foresee the restoration of a powerful Russia, still stronger and mightier than before. On the bones of these martyrs, remember, as on a strong foundation, will the new Russia we built – according to the old model; strong in her faith in Christ God and in the Holy Trinity! And there will be, in accordance with the covenant of the holy Prince Vladimir, a single Church! Russian people have ceased to understand what Rus is: it is the footstool of the Lord’s Throne! The Russian person must understand this and thank God that he is Russian.”

“The Church will remain unshaken to the end of the age, and a Monarch of Russia, if he remains faithful to the Orthodox Church, will be established on the Throne of Russia until the end of the age.”

What may surprise those in the West is that there are a great many people in Russia and in Orthodox Christian countries in general who take these prophecies quite seriously.

Interestingly enough, when the idea of restoring the monarchy was brought to President Putin’s attention, he regarded the idea as “beautiful” according to Lt. General Leonid Reshetnikov, but also expressed concern that it would lead to stagnation within the country.

A second statement, this one by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, noted that President Putin does not like the idea of bringing back the monarchy, but offered no comment on the conversation with Mr. Reshetnikov.

The idea of restoring the monarchy is not completely absurd. Britain overthrew its own monarchy in 1649 during that country’s Civil War, but it was restored shortly afterwards under King Charles II. Spain cast aside its monarchy in 1931, with its king, Alfonso XIII going into exile, but after sixteen years this monarchy, too, was restored.

Both of these monarchies have become largely ceremonial, with most governing functions carried out through some kind of Parliament and Prime Minister. It is therefore not clear what a ruling monarchy in Russia would look like.

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US confirms pullout from INF treaty, Moscow will respond if missiles placed in Europe – deputy FM

Moscow will respond to possible attempts to place short and intermediate range nuclear-capable missiles in Europe if the US decides to go on with this plan.





Via RT…

Washington has confirmed its decision to withdraw from the INF treaty is final, Russia’s deputy foreign minister said, adding that Moscow will ‘take measures’ if American missiles that threaten its security are placed in Europe.

“Washington publicly announced its plans to withdraw from the treaty (the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) already in October. Through the high-level bilateral channels it was confirmed to us that this decision was final and wasn’t an attempt to initiate dialogue,” Sergey Ryabkov told the Kommersant newspaper.

The Deputy FM said that Moscow will respond to possible attempts to place short and intermediate range nuclear-capable missiles in Europe if the US decides to go on with this plan.

“We’ll be forced to come up with effective compensating measures. I’d like to warn against pushing the situation towards the eruption of new ‘missile crises.’ I am convinced that no sane country could be interested in something like this,” he said.

Russia isn’t threatening anybody, but have the necessary strength and means to counter any aggressor.
Back in October, President Donald Trump warned that Washington was planning unilateral withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty because “Russia has not adhered to the agreement.” The US leader also promised that the country would keep boosting its nuclear arsenal until Russia and China “come to their senses.”

Earlier this month, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Washington will suspend its obligations under the treaty within 60 days if Russia does not “return to compliance.”

Signed in late 1988, the INF agreement was considered a milestone in ending the arms race between the US and the USSR.

In recent years, Moscow and Washington have repeatedly accused each other of violating the INF deal. While the US has alleged that Russia has developed missiles prohibited by the treaty, Russia insists that the American anti-missile systems deployed in Eastern Europe can actually be used to launch intermediate-range cruise missiles.

The deputy FM said that Washington “never made a secret” of the fact that its INF treaty pullout “wasn’t so much about problems between the US and Russia, but about the desire of the Americans to get rid of all restrictions that were inconvenient for them.”

The US side expressed belief that the INF deal “significantly limits the US military’s capabilities to counter states with arsenals of medium-range and shorter-range ground-based missiles,” which threaten American interests, he said. “China, Iran and North Korea” were specifically mentioned by Washington, Ryabkov added.

“I don’t think that we’re talking about a new missile crisis, but the US plans are so far absolutely unclear,” Mikhail Khodarenok, retired colonel and military expert, told RT, reminding that the Americans have avoided any type of “meaningful discussion” with Moscow in regards to its INF deal pullout.

While “there’ll be no deployment of [US missiles] in Europe any time soon,” Moscow should expect that Washington would try to void other agreements with Russia as well, Khodarenok warned.

The INF deal “just stopped being beneficial for the US. Next up are all the other arms control treaties. There’ll be no resistance from the NATO allies [to US actions],” he said.

“The neocons who run Trump’s foreign policy never have liked arms reduction treaties,” former Pentagon official Michael Maloof told RT. “The new START treaty which comes up for renewal also could be in jeopardy.”

“The risk of a new nuclear buildup is really quite obvious” if the US withdrawals from the INF treaty, Dan Smith, the director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, told RT.

“I think the relations between the great powers – the US and Russia as well as the US and China – are more difficult than they’ve been for a long time,” he added.

However, with Washington having indicated that it wants China to be part of the new deal, “there are still possibilities for negotiations and agreement,” according to Smith. Nonetheless, he warned that following this path will demand strong political will and tactical thinking from the leadership of all three countries.

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US Pressures Germany To Ditch Huawei Over ‘Security Concerns’

This news will likely not go over well in Beijing, which is still struggling with the US and Canada over the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver.



Via Zerohedge

First it was Australia, New Zealand and Japan, now the US is pressing the German government to refuse to use equipment manufactured by Chinese telecom giant Huawei as Europe’s largest economy seeks to build out its 5G infrastructure.

According to Bloomberg, a US delegation met on Friday with German Foreign Ministry officials in Berlin to talk about the security risks presented by Huawei’s equipment, which the US says is vulnerable to spying. The meeting in Germany follows a report from late last month claiming the US had launched an “extraordinary outreach campaign” to warn its allies against using Huawei equipment (while its vulnerability to Chinese spying has been cited as the reason to avoid Huawei, it’s also worth noting that the US and China are locked in a battle for who will dominate the global 5G space…a battle that Huawei is currently winning).

Germany is set to hold an auction early next year to find a supplier to help expand its 5G network. The Berlin meeting took place one day after Deutsche Telekom said it would reexamine its decision to use Huawei equipment.

US officials are optimistic that their warnings are getting a hearing, though any detailed talks are in early stages and no concrete commitments have been made, according to one of the people.

The US pressure on Germany underscores increased scrutiny of Huawei as governments grapple with fears that the telecom-equipment maker’s gear is an enabler for Chinese espionage. The Berlin meeting took place a day after German carrier Deutsche Telekom AG said it will re-evaluate its purchasing strategy on Huawei, an indication that it may drop the Chinese company from its list of network suppliers.

France is also reportedly considering further restrictions after adding Huawei products to its “high alert” list. The US has already passed a ban preventing government agencies from using anything made by Huawei. But the telecoms equipment provider isn’t taking these threats to its business lying down.

U.S. warnings over espionage are a delicate matter in Germany. Revelations over the scale of the National Security Agency’s signals intelligence, including reports of tapping Merkel’s mobile phone, are still fresh in Berlin five years after they came to light.

Huawei is pushing back against the accusations. The company’s rotating chairman warned this week that blacklisting the Chinese company without proof will hurt the industry and disrupt the emergence of new wireless technology globally. Ken Hu, speaking at a Huawei manufacturing base in Dongguan, cited “groundless speculation,” in some of the first public comments since the shock arrest of the company’s chief financial officer.

This news will likely not go over well in Beijing, which is still struggling with the US and Canada over the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver. In an editorial published Sunday, the Global Times, an English-language mouthpiece for the Communist Party, warned that China should retaliate against any country that – like Australia – takes a hard line against Huawei. So, if you’re a German citizen in Beijing, you might want to consider getting the hell out of Dodge.

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