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MIAMI: Local officials force children out of performance with Roger Waters

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters is currently on tour in North America. In spite of the success of the musical tour, Waters has found himself on the receiving end of a campaign by the Israeli lobby to boycott his performances and records due to his vocal support of Palestine.

Recently, members of the Israel lobby announced the production of a film called ‘Wish You Weren’t Here’ a film critical of Rogers which appropriates the name of the multi-platinum 1975 Pink Floyd album Wish You Were Here.

During recent concert tours, Waters has invited local school children from poor families to sing and dance on stage with his band.

However, for the first time in his long touring career, he was stopped from doing so after the Mayor of Miami Beach Philip Levine told the group minding the children to boycott the show, thus cheating youngsters out of what would be a one in a lifetime experience to appear on stage with a music legend.

Roger Waters described the situation in the following video post.

Shortly thereafter, he appeared on stage and read a message to his audience about the situation.

Recently fellow pro-Palestine musician Gilad Atzmon spoke exclusively with The Duran about his feelings on the issues surrounding Waters due to his pro-Palestine stance.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Waters is facing the real life censorship, authoritarianism and dictatorial mindset that much of his music decries.

Waters’ Us + Them tour continues.

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