#MeToo SJWs ignore #120db: Mass RAPES of European women [Video]

SJW’s cry about western sexism while ignoring migrant rapes and murders

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Below is an amazing red pill bombshell dropped by an up-and-coming Slovenian female youtuber. Barbara, who now lives in LA [check out her channel]. In her amazing video, she is casting light on the sexual assault crisis in Europe, caused by the mass influx of migrants often called “Syrian refugees”, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of them are neither from Syria, nor a warzone. She slams the #MeToo movement while shedding light on the real issues affecting European women in our day – no, it’s not “toxic European masculinity”, its the rape of European women, by men hailing from countries the globalist politicians decimate and bomb into the stone age.

If you really care about women, and don’t want them to suffer brutal assaults, ignore MeToo, check out this video, and talk about #120db that’s where sane people and feminists alike should be focusing their efforts on.

What is #120db , well, as Barbara explains in her video, its a movement founded by German women who are sick and tired of being violently attacked on European streets, while the elite continue to bomb the middle east into the dust, and SJWs focus their attention on issues like which celebrity was called something sexist. The term 120db refers to the frequency of the sound pocket alarms emit, which European women are now carrying as an attempt to defend themselves. They have an English version of their site where they explain everything.

The Short and Tragic Life of Maria Ladenburger

Maria Ladenburger

One of the issues Barbara mentions in her video, hits at the reason why #120db was founded, the brutal rape and murder of a German girl taken far before her time, Maria Ladenburger (6 December 1996 – 16 October 2016+). Her’s is a name worth remembering and speaking of, rather than retweeting posts from MeToo celebrities. I am not by any means implying that if a celebrity is sexually assaulted, their lives don’t matter – God forbid, but many of these women return to massive mansions, and drive Mercedes to the TV shows were they slam whatever producer wrongfully assaulted them, while European women are being killed in silence.

Maria is one of those women. The young medical student was found raped and drowned on 16 October 2016, in Germany. The scumbag who took her life before her time, whose name is not worth mentioning, was originally called a “child refugee” when he is in fact 33 years old, according to his father.

The scumbag rapist who’s not worth the air he breathes, hails from Afganistan, the tribe known as Hazaras. He entered Europe claiming to be a Syrian refugee.

I mean this with no racist intent whatsoever, but do those Asiatic looking folk appear to be Syrian whatsoever? Just look at the blue-eyed President of Syria and his family.

The real people to blame for the death of Maria, in addition to the pond-scum rapist, are the western globalist elites who bomb innocent countries at the birthplace of civilization into barbarism, and their moronic idiotic SJW fan base, who enable them. SJWs enable this kind of stuff by their ignorance to the real world, indifference, and sheer incompetence. How many of them can actually locate Syria on the map, yet they are all convinced “Assad must go”.

Don’t they realize Syria is a country which championed women’s rights in the middle east, with socialist governance and liberal (for the region) attitudes on daily life, Syria is an oasis for women in a desert of barbarism.

Syrian women freely on a beech

Yet by bringing endless war to the Middle East, western politicians hailed as Heroes by SJWs including the likes of Clinton, Merkel, Cameron, etc. they create the circumstances by which atrocities are committed on the ground. They don’t care about the people, no matter how much they virtue signal, they despise middle eastern people when they bring war to their countries. Then they say “refugees must be welcomed”, as migrants from whatever forsaken country wonder in claiming to be Syrian, rape European women, and Europe is expected to be quiet because its racist not to welcome them.

Instead of making meaningless social media posts, and crying about the fate of millionarie celebraties, if SJWs really care, they should fight to end the rape of women in Europe, and the wholesale slaughter of our sisters in Syria. #120db


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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