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Mattis Calls For Yemen Ceasefire Within 30 Days

Via Zerohedge

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has called for a ceasefire in the Yemen civil war within 30 days, reports AFP.

“We want to see everybody around a peace table based on a ceasefire, based on a pullback from the border & then based on ceasing dropping of bombs…you can’t say we’re going to do it sometime in the future. We need to be doing this in the next 30 days,” said Mattis while speaking at the United States Institute of Peace.

Mattis added “I believe the Saudis and the Emiratis are ready.”

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Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe
October 31, 2018

Or what?? You’ll just carry on sneakily supporting the perverted Saudis and terrorists with their mass murder of Yemenis as always. Stop pretending – just because the spotlight is on you all.

October 31, 2018

Blowback from the atrocities in Yemen, powered by US and UK bombs, as well as fallout from the incompetence of Mohammed bone Sawman in the world media, is having its effect. Mattis has neither the ability or the foreign resources to bring about the removal of Assad, but he can force a truce in Yemen and a kiss-and-make-up with Qatar, where the largest military base in the ME is located. Trump must be very happy with this. It also marks a major loss of credibility for MbS, which cannot come soon enough.

Vince Dhimos
November 1, 2018

Was Mattis’ mouth moving when he said those things?
This is WAY too little WAY too late. Mattis KNEW the Saudis were committing genocide back in 2015 so why bother to pretend to care NOW? Why give them even ONE gallon of fuel?
Why give them even 30 days?
I will tell you: Because in 30 days the elections will be over and Mattis is hoping the sheeple will forget his strong words about his pals.
Ever since the 1973 petrodollar agreement between Nixon and King Faisal, the US has been a mercenary force for the Saudis. Details:–analysis/the-us-military-is-a-mercenary-force-in-the-hire-of-the-saudi-dictatorship

November 1, 2018

Part of a coordinated effort to remove MBS, who proved to be both a liability and to difficult to control?
Yemen disaster was a MBS pet project. So US is undercutting MBS’ position.

It most probably is no coincidence that a rival to MBS returns from self chosen exile.
“The septuagenarian prince, an open critic of bin Salman (MBS), has travelled with security guarantees given by US and UK officials.”

Vivian Tzamis
Vivian Tzamis
November 1, 2018

Why is Mattis concerned about the War in Yemen while US borders are open
That shows the Border War is all theatre to frighten people to vote for the Globalist Uniparty
Everyone knows who the aggressors in the ME are..who’s operating the Muslim Mafia against the West…Israel

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