Marine Le Pen is leading in Presidential polls, as socialist Hollande continues to destroy France

Sarkozy was a red pill alpha leader. He put France back on the map and did so with a strong and decisive nature. Then came Hollande, and well the dude is a beta male pinhead, and France is sinking fast…which explains the rise of a new alpha in town.  Meet Marine Le Pen.

As head of France’s far-right National Front, Le Pen is a strong red pill women, ready to do away with Hollande’s reckless behaviour…and her message is resonating as underscored by an opinion poll putting her in the lead for the first time in the race for the next presidential election.

Le Pen has even jumped out in front of centre-right Nicolas Sarkozy, and way ahead of socialist incumbent François Hollande according to the Ifop poll.

FT reports:

Ms Le Pen scored 26 per cent in the poll, up from 24 per cent in the last sounding taken in April, while Mr Sarkozy, widely expected to announce a political comeback in September, slipped six points to 25 per cent following court accusations of corruption levelled against him in early July.

The FN has been on the rise since Ms Le Pen took over leadership of the party from her father Jean-Marie Le Pen in 2011. She came third behind Mr Hollande and Mr Sarkozy in the 2012 presidential election with 18 per cent of the vote and the party has since grown as Mr Hollande’s popularity has slumped in the face of recession and rising unemployment.

In May’s European parliamentary elections, the FN won a nationwide vote for the first time, easily defeating both Mr Sarkozy’s UMP party and the socialists with a score of 25 per cent.

Sarkozy, though an assertive leader and statesmen, is currently plagued by financial scandals and internal leadership disputes which have diluted his opposition message to current President Hollande’s government, which is tallying a record low approval rating.

Mr Sarkozy, denies all the allegations against him, as he considers a bid to retake command of the UMP and make a new presidential run in 2017. 

The Ifop poll put Le Pen in a position to reach the second round of the presidential election where she will most likely be tested in a run-off by whichever candidate she faced, and at the moment that candidate will not be Hollande.

Le Pen is focused on moving France away from the EU and placing a focus on France’s interests above all else. She is bad news for the EU project, but could be a god send for the French people.


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August 2, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Marine Le Pen is leading in Presidential polls, as socialist Hollande continues to destroy #France

August 2, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Marine Le Pen is leading in Presidential polls, as socialist Hollande continues to destroy #France

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