RT chief Margarita Simonyan debates Deep State stooge, destroys Russiagate narrative (VIDEO)

‘You believed the Intel Agencies when they said Iraq had WMD’s…in five years you’ll know Russia didn’t interfere’

Margarita Simonyan is blowing the Russiagate narrative to pieces in this stellar interview. As beautiful as she is brilliant, watch as the head of RT becomes the woman of the hour on sixty minutes.

Her arguments are grounded in that elusive common sense so hard to find in the Mainstream media. It’s amazing she was able to keep her composure under such ridiculous questioning.

We loved it when she asked if these intelligence agencies saying Russia interfered are the same ones who said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction a few million casualties later. Then she boldly said, “you believe them now…but in five years you will know that Russia didn’t interfere.”

When asked if Russia supported Trump she was quite frank. She said some Russia news agencies supported Trump, but was quick to remind everyone that English and French media supported Hillary with no consequences. On the matter of RT supporting Trump, she was clear…RT did not support Trump, their cardinal sin in the eyes of the Deep State was as she said: “not supporting Hillary”. All she ever wanted was for a candidate to win that would “be nicer to Russia”. The simplest wish a patriotic woman could ask for. By her own admission, we did not get that.

Make no mistake, Margarita is a media colossus, and a great inspiration for aspiring female journalists. Despite how the west portrays Russia, there is a woman at the top of Russia’s flagship news network, and the stenographers union are a pale imitation when faced with the real thing.

But that’s not where the story ends. RT felt the interview left out crucial facts, so shortly after it was released, they did a follow-up piece which you can watch here:

Margarita Simonyan was only 25 when appointed editor-in-chief of RT in 2005. That is truly remarkable if you consider what RT has become since then under her. RT has become a titan in the media world, and the fact that it was lead by a young Armenian woman from Southern Russia, only proves that Russia is a diverse nation with incredibly talented peoples living therein.

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