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Mao was a Yale Man Crafted By The New World Order Elites– A Yali with Skull and Bones

The New World Order is a one world government uniting collectivist control, oligarch business, led by WEF as a front for the banking elite.

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China and the New World Order

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Yale Daily News: “Yale Group Spurs Mao’s Emergence”

Do you see history repeating itself?  The New World Order have been crafting world disasters again and again then using them to take your tax dollars or steal your liberty.  Who always wins when there is a disaster or a war, the elites? If you think this idea is ridiculous that people would want to benefit from other’s misery then I would have agreed with you 12 months ago.  However, now I feel events are being contrived for another agenda.

The same actors keep appearing to fund the worst leaders in history, finding and funding individuals who kill millions of people. They funded Chairman Mao Zedong, they also covered up his crimes in the media when he created the “Great Chinese Famine” sending up to 55 million people to their death in 4 years, called “the Great Leap Forward”.  He ordered collective farming in communes and banned private farming. He created the largest famine in human history.

The Book Lipstick and War Crimes by Ray Songtree

Lenin was funded in Switzerland, and Mao was groomed at Yale China….

Mao was a Yale Man – A Yali with Skull and Bones

“By about the year 2000 Communist China will be a “superpower” built by American technology and skill.”
Antony C. Sutton, American Secret Establishment published 1984

Student Mao Zedong & Yale in China
“The fundamental difference between a “New World Order” under the United Nations and an independent United States are nowhere more clearly indicated than in our ‘Declaration of Independence’ affirmation that “men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” The UN’s total exclusion of God means that rights do not come from God, (but) that they proceed from government, and government can take them away.

[Start at minute 19 of this Oct 15, 2019 interview to understand modern China]

Skull and Bones reaches to all the leaders around the world and this may explain Bush’s obsessive support of China, regardless of the human rights violations and arsenal buildup.

“Skull and Bones is a secret fraternity at Yale University which restricts their membership to only fifteen per year. . The society was formed in 1832 by General William Russell, whose shipping firm later dominated the U.S. side of the China opium trade. Yale University was founded by Eli Yale, who made his fortune working for the opium smuggling British East India Company.

“Skull and Bones became the recruiting grounds and preserve of the most important New England-centered families–families who also made their money in the opium trade. These families, whose sons regularly join Skull and Bones, include the little known, but powerful, Coffins, Sloanes, Tafts, Bundys, Paynes, Whitneys. They are a dominant element of the U.S. ‘Eastern Establishment’ to this day. The Bush family is one of a cluster of lower-level Establishment families controlled by these interests.

“George Bush, the first U.S. diplomatic representative to the People’s Republic of China back in 1973, was a member of Skull and Bones. So was his father, brother, son, uncle, nephew, and several cousins. Winston Lord, the Reagan-Bush administration Ambassador to China was a member; so was his father and several other relatives. James Lilley, the current Ambassador to China, is a member of Skull and Bones, as was his brother. With the exception during the Carter administration, every U.S. Ambassador to Beijing ,since Kissinger’s deal with Mao Zedong was a member of the Skulls and Bones.

In 1903, Yale Divinity School established a number of schools and hospitals throughout China that were collectively known as ‘Yale in China.’ It has since been shown that ‘Yale in China’ was an intelligence network whose purpose was to destroy the republican movement of Sun Yat-sen on behalf of the Anglo-American Establishment. The Anglo-American “Establishment” hated Sun, because he wanted to develop China. On the other hand, they loved the Chinese communists because they intended to keep China backward, and were committed to the production of drugs. One of ‘Yale in China’s’ most important students was Mao Zedong.

“During World War II, ‘Yale in China’ was a primary instrument used by the U.S. Establishment and its Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to install the Maoists into power.

‘Yale in China’ was run by OSS operative Reuben Holden, the husband of Bush’s cousin, and also a member of Skull and Bones. “The Maoists made China into the world’s largest opium producer.

“‘Yale in China’ was also closely associated with the New York-based Union Theological Seminary, which has been a center for U.S. subversion of Asia According to Branton, they were literally wolves in sheep’s clothing Every prominent radical leader operating in Korea today was trained at Union Theological. Union Theological was dominated for twenty years by Henry Sloane Coffin, a U.S. intelligence executive from the Sloane and Coffin families. He was a Skull and Bones member as were a dozen of his relatives.

“Nor should it be forgotten that Averell Harriman, the former Ambassador to Moscow who did so much to build up the Soviet Union, was a member of Skull and Bones. Harriman was also a business partner of Prescott Bush, Sr., the father of Maoist enthusiast George Bush.”

According to geopolitical and economics researcher, Dr. Antony Sutton in his book ‘The Patriot Review’, not only did the Skulls and Bones help to build up the Communist movement in China, but they gave financial aide to the Soviet Union communists as well. This power cult has for centuries been playing a “two ends against the middle” type of game, attempting to control America (the thesis) and Russia (the anti-thesis) and other countries or movements, carefully pitting them against each other at the lower levels in order to keep the populations of the world in a state of confusion and despair, to the point that they will – hopefully – resign themselves into accepting the New World Order “synthesis” as the only alternative to solve the very “problems” which ‘they’ the New World Order initiators, created in the first place!

The creation of Yale’s campus in China was a long and difficult process, interrupted by upheavals and constantly threatened by Chinese distrust of foreign influence. Seabury and Thurston would eventually both have plaques in Woolsey Rotunda next to Pitkin’s: Thurston contracted tuberculosis in 1903 while attempting to find land for the program, and Seabury drowned in a swimming accident in China four years later.

The Yali Academy — later known as the Yali Middle School — opened its doors to Chinese students in 1906 in the ancient walled city of Changsha. There, students were instructed in both Western and Chinese subject matter. Soon, recent Yale graduates began to be recruited as short-term instructors, known as the “Bachelors.” By 1918, due to the generosity of Edward Harkness, construction was completed on a new, state-of-the-art medical college, hospital, and middle school campus.

Leaving the mainland

But after surviving the horrors and privations of World War II, as well as Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, most of Yale-in-China’s staff were evacuated from the country by 1951.

With the expulsion of the last staff member, Yale’s involvement in mainland China ended for nearly 30 years. Only in 1980, after China had opened its doors to the West once more, did Yale return to Changsha.

What is not known to the public is the connection that Yale University had to Mao Tse Tung, the ‘Great Helmsman” of China that navigated the Chinese nation across the proverbial river Styx into the human rights hell that it currently is, with organs and collagen being harvested for sale from political prisoners and every manner of evil perpetrated with no recourse for the tens and millions of victims. In fact Mao and his “Little Red Book” are responsible for more deaths and misery over the long term than anyone else in history. Mao is also a “Yalie”.T


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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William H Warrick III MD
William H Warrick III MD
June 13, 2021
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President Yi and President Putin have too much Brains and Pride in their People to become Puppets of their Oppressors. Before too long their former Oppressors will be bowing down to them.

June 13, 2021

A rather obtuse and fantasy article – more hysterical than historical.   Yes the Americans always wanted to, and did try to obtain influence in China in the 1930’s and 40’s. There were many well-meaning religious and left-wing friends of China in the US and Canada during this time, Agnes Smedley, Dr Norman Bethune and Edgar Snow, to name just a few. Some people from Yale may have fit into this group, perhaps. And yes the US government for its own reasons supported ‘the Chinese’ against the Japanese. However to make the conclusions as this article does that somehow Mao… Read more »

George Hartwell
June 16, 2021
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It seems that almost every statement in the article is recounting facts. It implies, however, that there is a ‘New England establishment’ represented by certain families. It implies that recruiting for these interests is done through Yale’s Skull and Bones fraternity. It implies that these families are little known but very powerful in shaping the world toward the eventual take over of the New World Order. It points out the well-known strategy of the English of divide and conquer. This brings us to our present time when we seem to be in the final stages of an agenda of a… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by George Hartwell

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