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Madeline Albright shows her true colours…blood red

Bill Clinton’s last Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, has said that she is ready to register as a Muslim should Trump require a religious registry. This is truly shocking. I thought Albright had registered as a political Islamist several decades ago.

Albright’s was one of the vociferous voices calling for and leading the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, an invasion which killed thousands of Orthodox Serbs. She helped the US to add fuel to a sectarian fire in a once secular region. What’s more, by cutting off Kosovo from the rest of Serbia, Albright helped to make Kosovo a mafia region where everything from Wahhabist money from the Gulf, to illegal organ trading, to human trafficking, to the import of drugs and weapons into Europe, is the only rule in an otherwise lawless place.

By fostering the seeds of radical political Islam amongst a once broadly secular ethnic Albanian population, Albright has done her bit to exercise the kind of beliefs which in places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar pass for Islam.

Of course, true Islam is nothing like this. True Islam is about charity and community in the same way as Christianity and Judaism. Unlike many, I understand and respect moderate men and women of all faiths and can smell a rat like Albright, miles away.

So if there is an opportunity for Albright to register as a crazed Gulf style political Islamist, I should hope she pays some sort of fine for not declaring her position earlier. But when it comes to real religion, her ungodly acts have made it so that no man can turn the other cheek in the face of her crimes.

Tensions in Kosovo are yet again on the rise. Should a new conflict break out, the dried blood on her hands will yet again become wet.

This woman has never met a war she didn’t like. The fact that for most people in the world, she is now a walking irrelevance, can only be a good thing. Yet at the same time, her disastrous record cannot be expunged nor can her deadly actions be forgiven.

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