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Macron resorts to smear tactics and censorship to combat Yellow Vests (Video)

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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss Emmanuel Macron’s claim that Yellow Vests protestors are extremists, fully responsible for the recent violence plaguing France.

Macron issued a warning to Yellow Vests protesters who take part in demonstrations, that they will now be considered (by default) as “complicit” in fueling the unrest that has hit France for more than three months.

Macron proceeded to brand the protestors as anti-semitic, vowing to not only punish protestors in the streets, but also online, with lifetime social media bans for all those who dare to question “Jupiter’s” rule over France.

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Via The Express UK

The grassroots movement started online as a peaceful protest against rising fuel costs, but has tapped into broader frustration at the sense of a squeeze on household purchasing power. He said during a debate with senior officials from eastern France: “Now it has to be said that those who join violent protests are complicit in the worst [acts]! We cannot, in a reasonable way, ban the protest but there needs to be a clear message from everyone against violence.

“I believe in a democracy that fosters debate but I do not believe in a democracy that fosters disorder.”

He said it was a “miracle” no police officers had been killed.

Ten people have died in connection with the protests, most in road accidents related to Yellow Vest blockades.

Authorities have blamed the worst of the violence on anarchists, anti-capitalists and extreme groups on the fringes of the yellow vest movement, which began in mid-November over rising fuel costs but quickly morphed into an anti-Macron revolt.

Driving the unrest is anger, particularly among the working class, over a squeeze on household incomes, and a belief that Mr Macron is deaf to citizens’ needs as he enacts economic reforms seen as favouring the wealthy.

Now in their 15 week, the protests have already forced him into concessions.

At the height of the unrest in December, Mr Macron promised tax cuts for pensioners, wage rises for the poorest workers and the scrapping of planned fuel tax increases, at a cost to the Treasury of some 10 billion euros (£8.5 billion).

But Mr Macron’s comments prompted a flurry of outrage, with the opposition jumping at the opportunity to excoriate the young leader.

“This is a Macron we know well: he is contemptuous. The president isn’t concerned about the causes of the crisis and is not looking for solutions… He is pitting the French against one another,” sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan told the TV channel Public Sénat.

Far-left lawmaker Eric Coquerel, of the opposition La France Insoumise party, questioned on Twitter whether France is “still a democracy” as he recalled the “fundamental right to protest”.

Fabien Roussel, the national secretary of the French Communist Party, for his part, said that “a normal democracy is a democracy that listens to its people.”

But the most scathing response came from Jacline Mouraud, the 51-year-old hypnotherapist credited with sparking the anti-government rebellion.

In a statement to AFP, Mrs Mouraud said that Mr Macron’s comments amounted to a “call to violence,” and accused him of “criminalising genuine protesters”.

“While I have always condemned the acts of violence on the sidelines of the protests, today it is Mr Macron who is complicit in the worst, by refusing to listen to the suffering and despair of the French people.”

Earlier this month, lawmakers approved an anti-rioting bill giving police the power to ban suspected thugs from demonstrating without seeking oversight from a judge, in a controversial bid to end the violence that has marred the movement.

Violators face a six-month prison sentence and a €7,500 (£6,400) fine.

The new law would also allow fines of €15,000 (£12,800) and a one-year prison sentence for protesters covering or masking their faces in an effort to escape identification.

It would also give riot police greater powers to search demonstrators for weapons.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner dismissed claims that the bill was “freedom killing,” and said it was needed in response to a “handful of hooligans who threaten our right to demonstrate”.

The draft legislation is expected to return to the upper house of parliament on March 12.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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regolo gellini
regolo gellini
February 28, 2019

Is France a democracy or a tiranny ?

February 28, 2019

Well, Petit Monsieur Le Macaron is a mere marionette in the Global Punch and Judy show … he has to follow the “punchman’s” whims for the overall drama to work itself out. We’ve all read the stories written by Colette and, in this case, Petit Monsieur Le Macaron’s life is imitating art, sort of a “Chéri” but with its own twists and turns. But, all that’s for the Café society to figure out. What is important is his attempt to justify to himself and to his supporters and backers that he is up to the job. As we’ve seen, he… Read more »

Hu Lin Marshall
Hu Lin Marshall
March 1, 2019

Greetings Mr. Mercouris and the Duran, Hu Lin born out of tigrovaya balka 1958, leaving Great Britian Sputnik in good terms? Original schematic Greece Rome Europe Mainland, British Empire New World- Schematical Pattern U R I Ah the Hittite. Possibly King Saul David are your patriarchs, not abram abraham, so much for buckingham? Malware released in increments in order to produce other schematically relevent positions, this country to america, Participation in wws Rosevelt people different then after israel reconiztion 1948. The reiteration of uriah the hittite as WW1 2 Koreas Israel, Choice, malware stomping wout ceasing, malware released to produce… Read more »

March 1, 2019

Good to have a new king crowned to lead France. Even better to get the guillotine serviced because France may need it soon again.

Olivia Kroth
March 1, 2019

Treacherous US regime’s puppet Macron! I hope he will soon be gone. The French deserve a decent Government, headed by President Marine Le Pen.

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