Lock her up! Chelsea Handler uses wrong gender pronoun, in epic twitter fail

Chelsea Handler calls this Congressman and “she”.

Chelsea Handler has provided yet another reason why no one should ever believe the very stupid stars of hollywood when they preach their liberal values, because the hollywood elite are not very bright…they are simply good actors and mouthpieces for their globalist masters.

And they get paid handsomely to deliver their stagecraft to the American public.

Via The Gateway Pundit

On Saturday evening, Handler tweeted Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was the “original person,” Russia transferred information to, because the lawmaker works for Putin.

“So, Republican rep. Dana Rohrabacher from California is was the original person who received info from Russia, because she works w/ them,” tweeted Handler.

Handler’s proof of such Russia collaboration? Nothing. If anything, Rohrabacher has been a voice of logical, calm and reason when it comes to dealing with Russia and the entire “collusion” narrative.

Handler is so uninformed, so triggered in her ideology, that she cannot even do a simple search to realize what the gender of the person she is accusing of being a “Russian stooge” is.

Donald Trump Jr. noticed that Handler’s tweet was gender inappropriate, as Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, is just that a “man’, not a woman.

Trump Jr. posted to Instagram…

“I thought using the wrong gender pronoun is a crime in California now?!?!FYI, Dana Rohrabacher is a guy. Stupid on so many levels.”

Screenshot source: Donald Trump Jr. Instagram

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