Live field report: Saturday night, Breeze Night Club, Limassol Cyprus

Cyprus is a hidden gem for nightlife in the Mediterranean. Not the best of places for single men, but Limassol is a happening city for European standards, and it has been good to me in the past. Let’s see how the night goes.

Update 12:05 pm
Entered the club. Cool door, no cover and so far pretty relaxed and good vibe. People are starting to flow in. Pretty chill so far.


Update 12:35 pm
Filling up now. Lots of tourists from uk and Russia. Lots of guys as well. Numbers are not so good so far.

Update 1:04 pm
Club is getting very full. Ratio guys per girls I would put at 2:1 (two guys for every girl)

Update 2:21 pm
Time to bounce, simply too packed to even move, too loud to do much of anything and full of men…good spot to just check out, nothing more than that (at least on a Saturday night).

Breeze is a great club for girls due to the sheer ratio imbalance. This is not a place to work on game. If you are visiting Limassol and want to check out the club vibe than this will do, but anything else than that is wishful thinking.

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