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Lithuanian foreign policy is failed

Lithuania tends to be ambitious, desiring to become NATO’s main center in the Baltic region.In April Lithuania proposed NATO to provide a Membership Action P…

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Share and share alike
Share and share alike
May 7, 2021

Lithuania could strike a deal with Estonia, with Estonia remaining the CIA/MI6 center of E. European operations and Lithuania becoming NATO’s pivot point.

True, it would make Poland terribly jealous but they could stage all of NATO’s nukes as a compensation. Ukraine would then become basically irrelevant and the US, UK and EU could offer to fund more neo-nazi parades to keep the little buggers happy.

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May 7, 2021

…considering the endless murders of Stalin there is not much to be proud of in Russia either!…much on the contrary, it continues to be the land of poverty despit the abundance of valuable natural resources…all in all, a hopeless case!…

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