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Liberal left takes aim at what they call “playboy” Christmas selfie from Melania Trump

Liberal left hypocrisy on display.

First lady Melania Trump is taking heat on social media after posting a Christmas selfie, which feminist champions on the left claim is like a “playboy” picture.

So much for empowering women, not being sexist, and defending a woman’s right to post a photo without being sexualized and talked down to.

Once again the liberal left’s hypocrisy shines through…forgetting the selfies that Michelle Obama posted over the years when she was first lady, that, when using the left’s standards, can also be construed as a bit inappropriate (see tweets below video).

In the selfie posted, Melania Trump is wearing a Santa cap, expressing a look of surprise.

A festive filter on the photo features a shimmering golden reindeer.


Like much anything the president or his wife do, the photo drew swift reaction from the social media universe. There were, of course, responses heavily steeped in politics. But the discussion that has gained the most traction concerns whether such a casual photograph is acceptable from a first lady.

Negative comments came from supporters and detractors of the Trumps, as did more favorable responses, following the early Monday morning tweet.

Some went to great efforts to express their support of the first lady.

There were also those with reminders that Melania Trump was not the first occupant of the White House to break into spontaneous duck face.

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A sign in the background which said: “If you want peace on Earth, don’t start any more Stupid Wars” would have made a nice touch.

regolo gellini
regolo gellini

I agree !

Julie Patchouli
Julie Patchouli

Did Cher have anything to say about it? hehe

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