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Marine Le Pen is correct – everybody should watch videos of ISIS atrocities

French Presidential front runner Maine Le Pen has been stripped of her  Parliamentary immunity by the EU Parliament. Although I do not believe the move will impede her progress in the French Presidential election, it could create an unneeded headache.

Le Pen is being censured by the EU for posting an ISIS beheading video on her Twitter account in 2015. Far from condemnation, Le Pen’s post should be applauded.

I have always been in favour of posting videos showing ISIS barbarism as much as possible. I think that all adults of sound mind should see just what the enemy does in real life, without censorship.

People do not need the self-appointed demigods of mainstream media to sterilise events that are sadly part of our shared world in 2017. The power of the internet and the inherent virtues in political free speech should dictate that everyone should have the opportunity to see, know and understand who the enemy is. This cannot be done without seeing first hand what the enemy does.

By censoring ISIS videos and condemning Marine Le Pen for posting them, the EU has shown itself to be a group complicit in the whitewashing of terrorist atrocities.

It is one thing to offer anodyne statements condemning ISIS, but it is far more powerful, meaningful and direct to expose them. This is the same EU Parliament that repeatedly condemn the secular, multi-faith, modern government of President Assad, a man whose crimes include promoting literacy, women’s rights, and subsidised foodstuffs for his people.

The European Union is a shameless and spineless institution. And Marine Le Pen in exposing the barbarity of ISIS, has also exposed the duplicity of the EU.

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