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Latest neoliberal plot to derail BREXIT once and for all (Video)

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the latest neoliberal plan to derail Brexit and keep Britain in the EU.

British news outlets are reporting that twenty Labour and six Tory MPs are ready to quit their respective parties and create new ‘Brexit remain’ coalition.

Sir Vince Cable has revealed that the MPs set to defect (and unite) in order to keep Britain inside the European Union, are planning to create a new centrist, neoliberal, and globalist political party.

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Via Express UK:

The Liberal Democrat leader said many more anti-Brexit Labour MPs would possibly join in on the mass exodus because they have “given up on Corbyn’s leadership”. Pledging to work with the breakaways, Sir Vince claimed the defectors would come together to form a cross-party anti-Brexit alliance, sitting as independents alongside the Lib Dems, with himself acting as the leader. He said Tories including several cabinet ministers have expressed their desire to quit – a boost for the group which he expects to be formed by the spring.

He said: “I think all the key people involved on the Labour and Tory sides are giving top priority to stopping Brexit, but there’s a drum beat in the background of people who are preparing for a new life ahead.

“There’s this hardcore of six who have already got one foot out of the Labour Party.

“And as many as 20 who say they could go with us on a good day, and there’s potentially a lot more who have given up on Corbyn’s leadership.”

Remainer Vince said the group would not establish itself as a separate political party, for fear of losing out at the ballot box.

Sir Vince said as many as six Tories have approached him saying they are ready to resign the party whip, with “a much wider group” expressing their willingness to defect if a no-deal scenario is brought about.

He added: “It’s crucial we work together because under the first-past-the-post system smaller competing groups can get crushed.”

He made the claims yesterday as Theresa May invited Conservative Remainers and Brexiteers to meet with her to discuss how they can work through the issue of the Irish backstop.

The Prime Minister launched the Alternative Arrangements Working Group in a desperate attempt to find a solution to the Brexit stalemate.

The group, which met for the fist time in the Cabinet Office on Monday, is chaired by Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay.

Last weekend, the Lib Dem leader angered Brexiteers when he said a second referendum will surely happen, and that it’s just a question of timing.

UKIP leader Gerard Batten welcomed the idea of a new anti-Brexit group, saying it would “dilute the anti-Brexit vote”.

He said: “It bemuses me that Mr Cable is taking about forming a new party – perhaps he has forgotten that he is already the leader of one.

“It must be very disappointing for Lib Dem activists to hear their party leader hint at creating a new party.”

He blasted the Lib Dems, Labour and the Tories for what he said was their willingness to “deny the will of the majority

of the British electorate” by either causing a delay in Brexit or stopping it altogether.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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One after Moses
One after Moses
February 12, 2019

Going off on the Russians again,and now the Chineese? Its amazing that you cant reconize my affluence for the possibilities involved, helen kellered? So lets make another attempt, shall we, I.A. you have a problem being in pong machine of tigrovaya balka, Belling Cat, Bell sound off of coast of Madagascar, Hu Lin Tiger jumps out of tigrovaya balka upon two Russian Intell Officers, Now we make observations, does this name enclusify your position?, does your tit for tat diminish? One after Moses, Marshall

One after Moses
One after Moses
Reply to  One after Moses
February 12, 2019

I might add that your current problems regarding Brit Exit could be further symptoms of tigrovaya balka. If you make effort, European position can be moderated, from better knowing what we do, we can become better favored by Schematical Authorship, Before I complained regarding Refugee problems in Europe they were silent, overwhelmed, because no one told them where the ball was or why, England, one Sarmack Missile and your toast? This is a schematical battle and not entirely against the Russians or the Chineese. England has prided itself in shadow government for how long, when the Shadows give way to… Read more »

February 12, 2019

This is something that I’ve predicted for quite a while, however, let’s please get away from the outdated ‘centrist’, left right idea. They really have no meaning in today’s world where the divisions are much more complex – just take the idea of incessant war for instance supported by all sides. No these guys are Blairite pure and simple – yes pro EU, but also pro war, pro globalist, totally signed u to identity politics, mass migration to replace the native population, and of course Zionist to the core (this is the main objection to Corbyn, not his vacillating on… Read more »

February 13, 2019

Ah! Ever perfidious Albion. Well, why should it escape the plague of bad faith, cut-throat politics, utter neglecto of the electorate and hypocrisy which it unleased on the planet centuries ago.

It was not for nothing that Nietzsche said of these people:
“The English are the people of consummate cant.”
Glad to see that they are still good at at least something.

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