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Julian Assange and Donald Trump have the same enemies

While both the mainstream and many parts of the alternative media have been distracted by Pamela Anderson’s well meaning and correct desire to help Julian Assange during his time of struggle, Assange has said something important that many all ready assumed to be true.

Speaking with German television outlet DW-TV, Assange said that Donald Trump is currently engaged in open war with the CIA over his Syrian policy.

Assange said that because the CIA invested a great deal of time and money in arming jihadist terrorists in pursuit of regime change, they are dismayed at remarks from both Rex Tillerson and Nikki Haley saying that regime change in Syria is no longer a priority (read desire) of the United State.

Assange went onto say that many in the CIA also feel that this could disrupt American relations with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey who have also invested heavily in jihadist ‘regime changing’ terrorists in Syria.

Assange merely confirmed what many had suspected, although his insight does testify to the fact that Trump’s battle with the deep state is indeed over meaningful policy issues that range beyond the ‘Putin did it’ allegations that the CIA apparently endorses.

This comes as former Trump adviser and stalwart Trump support Roger Stone has offered to testify before Congress in the Russiagate hearings. Curiously, Stone has not received a reply. This yet again exposes the farce of the entire investigation.

Stone’s views are well known. He has said that the Trump campaign had no links with Russia and further more, his open communications with Julian Assange are public, as are Stone’s positive views on Wikileaks, views which are augmented by Stone’s assertions that Wikileaks has nothing to do with Russia either.

A truly independent and honest investigation would want to hear from everyone with something to say, not just those who follow the narrative of the interrogators. So much for blind justice.

All of this is happening as Ecuadorians go to the polls in the final round of the Presidential election. Leftist candidate Lenin Moreno will likely be favourable to Assange’s position in spite of some words of warming about the activities he expects Assange to conduct whilst at the embassy.

By contrast, right-wing candidate Guillermo Lasso has vowed to kick Julian Assange out, which would put the world’s most famous whistle-blowing publisher in a precarious position.

If Assange were to be kicked out, his fate would in great measure depend on the sympathies of the Trump administration. Roger Stone who isn’t in the administration, is a clear supporter of the Wikileak’s founder. Trump’s own position is ambiguous at best, but it is certainly something different from the overt loathing that Hillary Clinton felt. After all, Hillary once asked why the US can’t just ‘drone’ (aka kill) the Wikileaks founder.

Julian Assange and Donald Trump have something else in common, they have the same enemies. The CIA folks who want to oust Assad and replace him with rule by Salifist extremists, are generally the same people who would like to see Assange behind bars or worse.

Perhaps it is time for Trump and Assange to unite? Perhaps though, this could do Trump more political harm than he thinks is worth the effort?

For now, it all is in the hands of Ecuadorian voters.

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