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Japan pushes drug that may cause birth defects, as potential coronavirus cure

TOKYO (NYTIMES) – As US President Donald Trump was extolling the promise of a malaria drug in the desperate hunt for coronavirus treatments, one of his top global allies was selling the world on his own “trump card”, a pale yellow pill that he said could be crucial to fighting the pandemic.. Read more at

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May 6, 2020

Been in use in Japan since 2014. Birth defect risk is limited to pregnant women and therefore easily avoided in that treatment group. What is the news here? The thalidomide issue was a problem because of lack of transparency about the risk. The risk is clearly stated here. Any physician prescribing this to a pregnant woman is negligent. Not the medication. 5 to 6% of women may be pregnant at any given time. 3% of the overall population. Men are more affected in a 60-40 ratio. Most of the people affected are older, past the child bearing years. So the… Read more »

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