James Woods trolls airplane, seat stealing Democrat, Sheila Jackson Lee

Sheila Jackson Lee got called out by James Woods after she stole a passenger’s United Airlines Seat

A United Airlines passenger claimed she was bumped from her first class seat in favor of the Texas Democrat CongresswomanSheila Jackson Lee.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee wanted to sit first class, and believes no apology was owed to the bumped passenger.

Shortly after a $500 credit was issued to the bumped passenger by United, Jackson Lee went on a very predictable, identity politics tweetstorm where she claimed that the incident was about race.

According to The Gateway Pundit the woman who lost her seat to Sheila Jackson Lee captured a picture of the Congresswoman sitting in her first class seat.

James Woods tweeted out the picture of Sheila Jackson Lee sitting in the stolen first class seat, talking on her cell phone and said, “The Democrat party in a nutshell”.

Via The Gateway Pundit

As usual, James Woods is on point.

The Democrat party stomps on common middle class people because they believe they are the royals of this country. The Democrats are always in their ivory towers looking down at the proletariat.

Democrats have contempt for Americans; they think they are superior to everyone else and if you dare speak up, you are a racist.

David Martosko of the Daily Mail said he witnessed Sheila Jackson Lee’s behavior on a flight two years ago.

Martosko’s description of Sheila Jackson Lee’s behavior also accurately describes the Democrat party….

“I saw Sheila Jackson-Lee on a domestic flight two years ago. While I was walking back to coach, she was throwing a hissy fit in First Class over why the steward had to gate-check her carry-on. (It was too big to fit in the overhead.) She threw a tantrum worthy of a 3-year-old,” Martosko tweeted.

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December 29, 2017

Now, now, we can’t have negative comments about Ms. Lee; that would be racist.

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