Ivanka Trump joins Republican attacks on Roy Moore

Ivanka Trump: “I have no reason to doubt the victims” accounts.

Ivanka Trump has joined the Republican establishment in calling for Roy Moore to withdraw from Alabama’s GOP Senate race.

Ivanka Trump sounded off against Roy Moore after the Washington Post ran a piece accusing Moore of sexually assaulting teenage girls in the ’70’s.

Ivanka told the Associated Press…

“There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children. I’ve yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.”

The Gateway Pundit reports…

We all agree with Ivanka that people who prey on children are evil. Roy Moore isn’t being accused of preying on children. The accusations against him have yet to be proven.

There are many holes in WaPo’s hit piece. One of the accuser’s stepson even said his stepmom is lying. OUCH!

TGP’s Josh Caplan reported, Darrel Nelson, the stepson of Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson says the allegations are all lies. Nelson says he is baffled by the timing of the sexual advancement claims and voices his staunch support for the Alabama GOP Senate candidate.

Moore supporters immediately became suspicious of these accusation because of the timing. Gloria Allred also paraded out the victims in theatrical press conferences further discrediting the accusers.


An Alabama woman who worked closely with Judge Roy Moore when she was a teen spoke to Conservative Tribune this week.

The woman says she believes Roy Moore is innocent and said, “I always felt safe around him, I never once felt uncomfortable.”

Many women came forward and accused Ivanka’s own father of sexual assault right before the presidential election. Did she say the same thing about her father’s accusers?

Accusations alone should not be enough to destroy a person’s life. The Republican swamp creatures are threatened by an anti-establishment candidate and will do anything to keep him out of the Senate.

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