Israel claims to strike Iranian positions in Syria, 23 fighters reportedly killed

If it rains in Israel it will pour in Iran – Israel threatens regime change

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The picture above almost looks like shooting stars. If that were so, it would be beautiful, but it’s not a shooting star. It’s death raining over the Levant. The Israeli military just attacked Syria with a barrage of missile strikes, in what their media is claiming is the “most extensive” in decades.

Reports are saying that 23 fighters have been killed, Israeli media claiming that 18 of them were foreigners. In addition, Israel is claiming that they targeted “weapons storage, logistics sites and intelligence centers used by elite Iranian forces in Syria”. Overall, the most recent strikes on Syria have been framed as an assault against Iranian bases, essentially a continuation of what occurred yesterday, but on a larger scale.

Israel launches missile strike against Syria after Trump cancels Iran deal – reports

Israel is claiming that Iranian troops had previously launched 20 rockets from Syrian soil at Israeli military outposts in the Golan Heights. It is worth noting that the Golan Heights is actually Syrian soil, occupied illegally by Israel. Moreover, this is noted as the first time Israel directly accused Iran of firing missiles towards Israeli territory, according to Israeli news site Haaretz.

Iran, however, is claiming it has no bases in Syria, and needless to say, completely denies attacking Israel:

“Iran has no military presence in Syria, no bases. Israel is lying. It was Syria that conducted strikes yesterday in response to the repeated attacks on the country. Israel must realize that the situation has changed and aggression would not go unanswered,”  Sputnik quotes Abolfazl Hassan Beigi, a member of the Iranian parliament’s commission on security and foreign policy.

We should pay close attention to what Israel claims, regardless if it’s a lie, because we can predict their next actions, based on the events they are claiming to react to. For example, if Israel claims Syria bombed one of their outposts, regardless of the truth, we can be sure an Israel strike is incoming.

Missile fire is seen from Damascus, Syria May 10, 2018. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki

This means the official Israeli narrative will say that henceforth, Iran has now directly attacked Israel. For Israel, and the Zionist cheerleading squad, this means they get to play their favorite excuse for war crimes, a neverending chorus of…wait for it…

“Israel has the right to defend itself.”

Don’t take my word for it, the infamous phrase as already been spouted from the White House and Downing Street.

That means this is only the beginning.

While all peoples have the right to defend themselves, Israel has an interesting definition of defense…it usually involves bombing innocent civilians, because a terrorist cell could have theoretically been hiding nearby, with a 1% chance of actually posing a threat to Israel. (And the jury is still out on whether or not that terrorist cell would be funded by Israel in the first place).

Speaking of actual defense, Israel is claiming it dealt a major blow to Syria’s air defenses, whereas Russia said that of the 60 air-to-ground missiles Israel fired, more than half were destroyed by Syrian air defenses, which the video below from the WashPo shows in action.

War with Iran?

What is particularly disturbing about all this, is not only the tragic events, but how it was all framed by Israel. We must pay very close attention to their claims. While it’s tempting for some to look at this as a simple situation, Israel wants an excuse to attack Syria, so they just invent a story about Iranian troops, to justify attacking Syria – the real target, there is more to this story than that.

Listen to the words of the Israeli defense ministry spokesperson:

“We saw it was very clear what the Iranians were doing, attacking Israel from Syrian soil,” he said….“This was by far the largest strike we have done, but it was focused on Iranian sites.”

From their words, it’s clear they are framing this all as an attack against Iran, which according to them, just so happens to be “On Syrian soil”. This time, for once, it actually appears that Syria was not the direct target.

To be sure, Israel hates Syria, and strikes her numerous times, but this time, the focus was so blatantly on Iran. In the past, when striking Syria, Israel felt no need to justify it, they often did not comment at all. But this time, they are speaking extensively, more than usual, and the line that is repeated is: Iran, Iran, Iran.

So while it’s tempting to claim Occam’s Razor, and say “But Israel is simply lying, there is no proof there were Iranian troops in those places, clearly the goal is to attack Syria, and Iran is used as the excuse.”

That was often the case in the past, a fake threat was invented as an excuse to blame Syria, but I believe it is the opposite, this time, based on the way the story is framed.

I believe this time, the goal was to attack Iran, and the chaos in Syria an excuse to begin this attack; a fight Israel has been wanting for years.

It doesn’t matter if Iran was even present in Syria or not, if Israel struck them or not, all that matters is Israel said so.

The truth does not matter to them, its the narrative they push which they intend to make the truth. So long as enough people believe the narrative, or at the very least are apathetic to the idea of war, the war propagandist has all they need.

One of the most important mistakes truthful people make, when dealing with untruthful parties, is assuming they operate by the same principals, or at the least, that a truthful person can predict the actions of an untruthful one by simply saying: “What would I do in this situation?”.

But it doesn’t work that way. Lairs and propagandists don’t think like normal people. For them, it does not matter what the truth is, all that matters is how is the situation framed. All that matters is their narrative.

Now, that the narrative has been set, everything moves forward. Donald Trump has already canceled the Iran deal, against the advice of almost every major player save for Israel.

CONFIRMED: US to withdraw from Iran nuke deal, impose new sanctions on Tehran

Numerous sources including Israeli media, and are reporting that Israel has made it clear, it hopes the cancelation of the Iran deal will lead to regime change in Iran. Israeli media is also reporting that Trump is “committed to regime change” in Iran, as the “only way to achieve peace in the Middle East”.

That is truly Orwellian.

While regime change was always the goal, the Iran deal provided a possibility that some people in the West may choose to align themselves with the right side of history. Now, Trump has clearly set US policy where it traditionally has been, united with Israeli policy in the Middle East.

The recent Israeli strikes in Syria were specifically targeted at Iran, according to the way the narrative was framed, regardless of the reality on the ground. It’s important to understand their goal of regime change in Iran is a separate issue to the war in Syria, albeit a connected issue

If one views these specific strikes as simply a normal part of the War in Syria, it blurs the particular objectives of Israel. While Iran is interconnected, as an ally of Syria, Iran is not the ruler of Syria, nor is Syria the proxy of Iran.

Syria is Syria, an ancient and sovereign nation, whose people have felt a brotherly connection to Russians since the 10th century, when Russia joined the same Orthodox Christian faith as was practiced in Syria since the first century.

Syria is being targeted in this War for a variety of reasons, namely, her refusal to obey the globalist powers, as well as her good relationship with Russia and Iran.

Most importantly, if you look at the geography, Syria is a keystone state, that represents an alignment of powers from the Mediterranean Sea, the borders of the former Soviet Union, and China. This line intersects Israel and Saudi Arabia, making it not so good for the Deep State’s oil and power geopolitics, but an ideal hub for the New Silk Road and the Multipolar world.

This is the big picture of what is happening in Syria, as well as the world. Once again the Levant becomes the center of humanity’s development, as it was at the beginning of man, so it may be at the end.

While that is the big picture of what is happening in Syria, and everything is interconnected, these most recent strikes seem targeted at Iran, and part of the overall goal of regime change. We must not lose sight of the details, while looking at the big picture, lest the whole thing become blurry.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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