ISIS fighters have taken control of Yarmouk Refugee Camp and are now a few miles away from Assad’s Presidential Palace in Syria

ISIS fighters are a few short miles away from Assad’s Presidential Palace in Syria, after they took control of the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, where 18,000 civilians are trapped in what the UN calls a “beyond inhumane” situation.

Looks like all the US weapons “mistakenly” dropped in ISIS territory are paying off.

Zerohedge reports…

ISIS, possibly in conjunction with al-Qaeda, have taken control of a strategic refugee camp in Damascus, which was previously under siege by Assad and previously controlled by Hamas-linked militiamen who are not keen on cooperating with Assad, who is offering to arm the Palestinians while simultaneously bombing everyone. As Al Jazeera notes, this is a “siege within a siege”.

Never to forget that ISIS serves a greater US purpose, that being to remove Assad at all costs in order to pipeline energy from Qatar and Saudi Arabia directly to Europe, further removing the EU’s dependance on Russian oil and gas…and making a bunch of American oligarchs and Saudi Kings filthy rich.

The world is also now waking up to the very real possibility that ISIS may move to topple the Assad regime and take control of Damascus, which we imagine would, in short order, be paraded out as the reason why a Syrian invasion has moved from the realm of the “possible,” to the “probable,” to the “necessary” and if there’s anything that would rally public support around such a move it’s the notion that the group which has been portrayed in the media as the greatest threat to human decency since the Third Reich has now gone from controlling a state they made up to an actual state which borders other, Western-friendly actual states in the region. And once the black flag-waving bogeymen (who at that juncture may begin to realize that they were nothing more than an unfortunate side-effect of failed foreign policy and had been shuffled around like pawns on a chessboard only to be promptly removed from the game once they served their purpose) are driven from the capital by some farce of a “coalition,” they’ll be replaced with someone more sensible who will likely be far less Putin-friendly than his predecessor and who will undoubtedly understand the utility of piping Qatari natural gas underneath his country all the way to end customers in Europe and it will be at exactly that point that we will say again that “conspiracy theory” has become “conspiracy fact,” right down to the last detail.


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