Is The COVID-19 That Dangerous?

Thousands of U.S. and Polish soldiers will participate in the drills in June, marking the first time since the coronavirus crisis began. American troops will assemble for a large-scale exercise in Europe.

At the same time, the Russian government decided to hold the military parade in Moscow in June.

The decision to hold these military activities is carrying on with the COVID pandemic. So here is the question – what is more important to show off military power or to save people’s lives?

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janet merryweather
janet merryweather
May 30, 2020
  1. we don’t want american troops marauding all over europe – go play in your own country covid19 dangerous – NO, with a 99.95% survival rate what do you think?

Glaucio Sombra
Glaucio Sombra
May 30, 2020

De-globalization is to dismantle piece of globalization already built. Easy in progress. Ready to rebuild at anytime. Why not. Nothing of a problem, scrambled. Big. Policies could even be kept? Rebuild… Careful planning.

May 30, 2020

Putin has explained to the ever-duplicitous Poles and Baltic states as well as Ukraine now that there will be no more wars on Russian territory. They will all be subjected to asymmetrical warfare if they set foot over the Russian border.
They are playing with fire. But have no excuses for the consequences.

May 31, 2020

Greedy sociopaths and psychopaths in positions of power are dangerous..

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