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Iraq is officially lost. ISIS has a parade to showcase its U.S. bling.

Iraq is officially lost. ISIS has a parade to showcase its U.S. bling.

In what has now become stranger than fiction, ISIS took a break from its conquest to have a parade and show off all the American bling it stole a couple of weeks ago.

The Ninewa Division (apparently ISIS now has divisions) released photographs of its jihadists seizing control of several military bases, displaying captured hardware, and executing Iraqi soldiers. Photos of the executions and military parade that took place in the city of Mosul where published online. The pics show several captured U.S. Humvees, armored cars, and artillery pieces. Hundreds of ISIS fighters joined in the celebrations, which went on through the night.

The photographs provide a glimpse of the ISIS’ military strength in Mosul.

Via The Long War Journal, cores of ISIS vehicles and hundreds of fighters line up for the parade:






Two Iraqi soldiers shown here with ID cards:



The execution of Iraqi soldiers:

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Meanwhile the Associated Press is reporting that U.S. instilled puppet President, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is ready to concede, at least temporarily, the loss of much of Iraq to ISIS and is instead deploying the military’s best-trained and equipped troops to defend Baghdad.


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I believe in 2008, U.S. Military casualties were lower than the “accident rate” and for all intent and purposes, things were stable.

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