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Introducing the S-500

Unlike the American F-35, this system isn’t a trillion dollar project

Although not due to enter service for another 18 months or so, the Americans have picked up on some of the test information about the new SAM system that the Russians are developing. The S-500 is set to be the premier SAM system in operation anywhere in the world, capable of taking out targets, even the supersonic and stealth, up to roughly 300 miles away.

Sputnik reports:

A US media outlet has announced, citing unnamed sources that Moscow has carried out a clandestine test of its latest anti-air missile system, obliterating a target at record range.

The Russian military has quietly performed the world’s longest surface-to-air missile test using the new S-500 Prometey system, CNBC reports citing anonymous sources “with direct knowledge of US intelligence concerning the weapons program.”

According to the news agency, during the test an S-500 missile system managed to successfully hit a target “299 miles away” which is allegedly “50 miles further than any known test.”

However, despite apparently being extremely well-informed, the sources neglected to mention the exact time and place where this test reportedly took place.
The Russian Ministry of Defense and Almaz-Antey, the weapon’s designer, haven’t yet made any official statements about the current status of the S-500 program or any alleged tests that may or may not have taken place recently.

S-500 Prometey is a new and upcoming surface-to-air missile system which is expected to be adopted by the Russian military by 2020.

While much of S-500 specs remain classified at this time, the publically available information suggests that it will be capable of intercepting and attacking a wide variety of targets, including drones, conventional and stealth aircraft, and hypersonic weapons.

The anti-air complex will employ the 40N6 extended-range guided missile capable of engaging targets up to 155 miles away and even striking at targets in the near space i.e. at altitudes of over 60 miles.

This system represents Russia’s latest and greatest relative to surface to air missile systems is predicted to be able to target hypersonic cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, drones, low orbit satellites, and space weapons from hypersonic aircraft.

Unlike the American F-35, this system isn’t a trillion dollar project, but realistically faced development and is undergoing tests prior to its scheduled 2020 deployment date.




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