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‘I will take over as Brexit Party leader’: Nigel Farage back on the frontline

‘I will take over as Brexit Party leader’: Nigel Farage back on the frontline

Via RT

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has announced that he will lead his new Brexit Party into the European elections if UK MPs decide to delay Brexit beyond May 22.

Farage, who has ostensibly appointed himself leader, told various media, including the BBC and Sky News on Friday morning: “I will take over as leader of the Brexit Party and lead it into the European Elections.”

It comes after the Brexit Party’s leader, Catherine Blaiklock, quit over a series of alleged Islamophobic statements and retweets of far-right figures on social media.

It is not yet thought that Farage has officially been elected as leader, as the party does not, as yet, have a formal infrastructure to conduct such a vote.

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The right-wing MEP vowed to put out a whole host of Brexit Party candidates if the UK participates in the upcoming EU elections in May, adding: “If we fight those elections, we will fight them on trust.”

On Thursday night, the EU agreed to PM May’s request for a delaying to Brexit beyond the March 29 deadline. Brussels announced two new exit dates depending on what happens next week in the UK parliament.

The UK will have to leave the bloc on April 12 unless British MPs agree to May’s Brexit deal. If the withdrawal agreement is passed by next week, EU leaders have agreed to grant an extension until May 22.

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Smoking Eagle
Smoking Eagle

Farage is about as much of a self-electing joke as Guaido.


The Brexit Farago wants is to exchange being an EU dominion to a colony of the USA. He is doing his best to sabotage UKIP, and he seems to want even more Moslem migration to the UK. He played his role in the referendum, now is the time for this spent windbag to retire to lucrative lecture tours in the USA, his real spiritual home.


We can only hope. Is Farage he the hope of the future for a totally torn and messed up Britain? His ability to hand the truth to the unelected Gravy Train in Brussels gives one hope. Also, his willingness to take up the mantle and keep fighting for an independent Britain when there seems to be no-one else is heartening. If only he could lead Britain from Whitehall – he could do perhaps more good. Perhaps he could even throw Oliver Cromwells’ speech to Parliament when he dissolved their wretched parliament, in their faces. God knows, it seems incredible to… Read more »

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