How Obama views democracy and how Putin views democracy…in one photo, with fantastic Zerohedge comments


Once again comments on Zerohedge are priceless…

Latina Lover: Obama teleprompts for a declining bankster led empire while Putin speaks for a world fed up with USSA exceptionalism.

Took Red Pill: I really enjoyed Putin’s interview on 60 minutes. He handled the stupid questions thrown at him very well. What kind of country do I live in that I admire the Russian president much more than my own?

Putin + 1
Obama -1000

markmotive: Putin called out America and the West by asking “Do you realize what you’ve done?”. Apparently, Obama doesn’t like his own hypocrisy pointed out.

Scooby Dooby Doo: “What kind of country do I live in that I admire the Russian president much more than my own?”
Sad but when you and I vote for Trump this whole shitshow will end. I Promise! You got Scooby’s word!

Yohimbo: Its offical Obama just made america the beta male everyone wants fired from cubical corporotopia.
Meanwhile Putin just took the corner office suite.
Give em hell Putin, wipe your ass with the rags from the heads of ISIL.
– an old fashioned young american

luckylongshot: I keep hoping that one day Obama will actually say something that is true

Bloppy: It’s cringeworthy now seeing Obama at any gathering of world leaders, he doesn’t even belong on the JV team.

Bill of Rights:
” Caption Putin ”
Whats the bitch on the left saying?

ebworthen: Putin also called us out on destabilizing the Middle East and not defending the right to life.

Took Red Pill: and the press is all over Putin about gay marriage which even Obama opposed when he first ran.

greenskeeper carl: I know, it’s pretty funny. I wish Putin would just come out and say something along the lines of : you people have murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the past decade and you lecture us on human rights because we don’t bend over backwards to accommodate gay people or men who wish to be called women?

We get the clown, they get the Leader…go figure..


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