Both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama were heckled on the same day by audience members while on the campaign trail

Comedians get heckled. Former first ladies…and in the same day. This might just be a first.

The Washington Time reports. First, we go to Hillary:

The former secretary of state was repeatedly interrupted while campaigning for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown in Maryland on Thursday, MSNBC reported.

She was speaking in favor of Mr. Brown’s candidacy when apparently, several in the crowd identified by MSNBC as immigration activists just couldn’t take any more of her talk. They repeatedly cut in to her remarks, trying to force her to explain her views of the DREAM Act, an amnesty program being pushed by Democrats.

“Immigration is an important issue,” Mrs. Clinton said in reply to the hecklers, the media outlet reported. “If you had just given me a minute, I would have gotten to the DREAM Act.”

Their shouts went on for some time, MSNBC reported, until her supporters in the crowd started chanting, “Hillary! Hillary!”

In all, Mrs. Clinton experienced three more waves of heckling interruptions during her speech, MSNBC said. Police tried to shut down the interruptions quickly by yanking the hecklers from the room.

Now we go up a few states to Michelle:

Meanwhile, down the road in New Haven, Conn., Mrs. Obama was facing an unruly crowd of her own.

The first lady was delivering remarks at a local high school gymnasium to support Gov. Dan Malloy when a small protest broke out, shortly after she started speaking. A young woman repeatedly shouted that the first lady was a “dreamer” and called for her to back some pro-amnesty legislation, The Washington Post reported.

Mrs. Obama met the heckler head-on and shouted back: “We love you, babe. We really do,” The Washington Post said.

The heckler kept it up, though, forcing Mrs. Obama to step aside from her remarks for a moment to let the woman vent.

“I hear you sweetie. I will wait and let you finish,” Mrs. Obama said, The Washington Post reported. “I’m going to wait and let you finish, babe. I hear every word you’re saying.”

The crowd brought an end to the matter by chanting “four more years!” in support of Mr. Malloy, until the heckler quieted and Mrs. Obama resumed speaking.


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