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Hillary Clinton: the candidate of lies, death, and destruction

While candidate Hillary Clinton claims everything going wrong with her presidential campaign should be blamed on the Russians, the media appear to be (willfully) ignoring the trove of emails hacked and released by Wikileaks when Clinton was Secretary of State. The contents of which should disqualify her from political office and evidence enough to have her serve a term in prison.

Here is the short list of Hillary’s time and crimes as America’s top diplomat:

— Knowledge of weapons being sent to jihadists, including to terrorists in the Islamic State

— Played a key role in funneling weapons from Libya to U.S.-backed terror groups in Syria

— Supported violent regime in Libya because Moammar Gadhafi intended to create a gold-backed currency for North African countries

— Knowingly supported Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria with the intention to create the Islamic State

— Knowledge that Washington-backed rebels in Libya were massacring blacks and other war crimes while NATO forced regime change

— Flagrant violations of numerous federal laws, illegal support for terror groups and revolutions, responsibility for mass death and destruction, and the inner workings of Libya and Syria were reduced to ruins

The emails prove Clinton lied repeatedly to Congress and the media regarding all these issues. What is interesting about the email hack-release is how many of us in alternative media were right all along. Almost without exception Hillary Clinton’s crimes were at the very least suspected. The emails prove that we were right.

The Obama Administration has systematically distorted its record and denied any responsibility for its actions. And Hillary Clinton is at the very center of these acts of gross injustice and criminality. Now she asks the American people to vote for her to hold the highest office in the land. Based on these emails, just imagine the kind of foreign policy she will pursue.

And Obama says Donald Trump is unfit to be president:

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political discussion program CrossTalk. His views may or may not reflect those of his employer.

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Ballard J Kamees
Ballard J Kamees
June 18, 2020

I think I am if the opinion obuttfuk needed to champion Killery to prey that all her illeagle ties to the Muslim brotherhood and the “DNC” the real “Criminal Enterprise” needs to be brought to “Justice”!!!!

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