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Here’s why Petro Poroshenko’s threats should be taken seriously

One of the oddly reassuring signs about today’s world is that when Petro Poroshenko speaks, few people listen. Even many supporters of the 2014 coup in Kiev realise that Poroshenko is more of a trigger happy cartoon character than he is the perverse fascist reincarnation of Che Guevara that he occasionally fashions himself to be. Yet even though he’s been discredited and disgraced as a ‘leader’, his threats cannot be totally ignored.

His most recent outburst came when he said that someday the Ukrainian flag will fly over the Russian Republic of Crimea. In the same speech he claimed that his flag would also fly in Donbass, a statement which is clearly not in the spirit of the Minsk agreement…not that it would matter, as Kiev violated the agreement shortly after it was ratified.

But more importantly, imagine if a German Chancellor told a brigade of the German army that someday the German flag will fly over Gdansk or if a British Prime Minister said that someday the Union flag will fly over Lagos?  There would be international outrage.

For some reason western media tends not to notice or report the bizarre and offensive treats which regularly emanate from Kiev. Perhaps this is because they know that most people in the world don’t really care about Kiev’s pompous delusions?  Or perhaps there is a deeper agenda? It is likely to be a combination of both.

That said, Poroshenko’s statement combined with a recently foiled terrorist attack on Crimea means that Crimean authorities should be on high alert as indeed should those in Donbass.

Poroshenko’s rant may just be designed to make a fading leadership appear tough, but in reality, the remarks could be perceived as a not so subtle declaration of war.

The people of Russia and those in the Donbass republics simply want to be left alone. The Donbass leadership do not say they want to wave their flags over Mariupol or Odessa although many in such places would like to detach themselves from Kiev’s rule.

Likewise, Putin has consistently called for ceasefires in Donbass when Russian tanks could be in Lviv within days.  Whereas Poroshenko’s threats about Crimea are empty bluff, the Russian army is fully capable of making any threats Russia might make against Ukraine effective.

The irresponsible remarks of Kiev’s regime bear scrutiny.  When you give a clown a gun and remove any trace of a conscience, the laughter ends. This is what has happened with the regime in Kiev.

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